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Q: What does provisionally verified mean?
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What does provisionally approved mean?

it means that it has been authorised by the relevant body

What does LPCA mean in counseling?

Licensed Professional Counselor Associate(provisionally licensed as LPC)

What does the word verified mean?

Verified means that the item is checked. If it is checked and passed, then it is verified.

What does verified insurance with mean?

It means you have proof that you have insurance and it can be verified.

Why did the provisionally government fail?

they didn't have an army

What does verified answer in a lawsuit mean?

This may depend on the jurisdiction, but in California a verified answer is a responsive pleading which is accompanied by a declaration, signed under penalty of perjury, that attests that the contents of the answer are true. Normally, a verified answer is only required in cases where there is a verified complaint (although there are other situations where a verified answer is required as against a public entity).

What is provisionlly reactive hiv?

A provisionally reactive HIV test is one that may indicate HIV, but requires additional testing to confirm the diagnosis. Not all provisionally reactive HIV tests indicate infection with HIV.

What does it mean when your Free Realms account is not active?

It means that you havent verified it yet

Why isn't KevJumba verified on Twitter?

They are not verified because they did not do what they needed to do to be verified.

What does empirical and inference mean?

Empirical means verified or provable by means of observation or experiment

What does verified pending shipment mean for qlink?

you have been approved and your phone will ship shortly

What does pending mean on A CHECKING ACCOUNT?

It means that a particular deposit hasn't been verified.