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They are directions indicating how many times per day the dose should be administered. It goes like this:

SID or QD = Once a day

BID = Twice a day

TID = Three times a day

QID = Four times a day

However, The Joint Commission which acredits hospitals and nursing homes has recommended that these abbreviations be discontinued because they lead to errors in dosing. Now, physicians must write out the words, "once a day," "twice a day" and so on.

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Q: What does qid bid tid in drug dose mean?
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What does pid in drug dose mean?

It probably says bid which stands for twice daily, or qid which stands for three times daily. PID stands for pelvic inflammatory disease.

What does qid bid tid OS sq in drug dose mean?

qid four times daily bid twice daily tid three times daily OS in left eye (oculo sinister) sq subcutaneously Oh and another one is QOD = Every Other Day :)

Explain the difference between bid and q12h?

hi there its the same, i.e. bid=q12h tid=q8h qid=q6h

Using the Young's Rule callculate the dose for a child who is 2 years old and weighs 44 if the adult dose for a drug is 25mg qid.?

2 + 12 = 14 2/14 = 0.14 0.14 x 25= 3.5 mg

Does qid mean in twelve hours?

qid means four times daily.

What does the medical abbreviation hs qid mean?

hs qid means bedtime four times daily.

What does the medical abbreviation II qid mean?

II qid means two four times daily in medical terms

What does the medical abbreviation qid x 10 days mean?

qid x10 days means four times daily for ten days.

What does the medical abbreviation vital signs qid mean?

Vital signs qid is an instruction to check vital signs four times daily.

You are to fill a prescription for 800 mg of adrug per day in divided dosesif the drig is given qid how many 100-mg tablets should be given per dose?

2 tablets should be given per dose. If its 100-mg and you need 800-mg a day and you are to take it four times a day (qid) then each dose should be 2 100mg tablets

What does the medical abbreviation amb resident qid mean?

Amb resident qid means the resident should be assisted to walk four times a day.

What does the medical abbreviation 2 puffs qid ud mean?

2 puffs qid ud means 2 puffs four times daily as needed.

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