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Radar shows angle and range between a reference point and the target echos from scattered in the scene that is being iluminated.

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Do the police have to show you the radar in Illinois?

It is not a requirement to show RADAR readings in Illinois.

What does radar show on a map?

Any object large enough to produce an echo. Hills and mountains for instance

Where was Radar from on the Mash show?


What does a radar map show?

Radar displays show where precipitation is they also show the winds within thunderstorms which help them see rotation in a thunderstorm to pick out where a tornado is possibly forming.

Does an officer have to show you the radar gun in California?


Does officer need to show the radar in California?

Nope. The radar is only a confirmation of the officer's visual estimation.

What do radars show?

The radar shows the position and the distance of an object.

In Indiana are police required to show you there radar gun?


What does the Doppler radar show?

speed of movement of the objects detected.

Do the police in Texas have to show you the radar gun?

All they have to prove is that it was within manufacturer's specifications and calibrated properly, so when stopped by police, they don't need to show you the radar gun, when you ask to see it. An officer does not, and more than likely, will not show you what speed you were going on there radar. That issue would come up in court.

How many seasons does Radar stay on mash?

Walter Eugene "Radar" O'Reilly was on the show for the first 7 seasons. [out of 11 seasons].

Why do scientist conduct radar surveys of archaeological sites?

Ground penetrating radar can detect things underground and show where excavation would be useful.

Do the police have to show you the radar gun in Michigan?

No the law even says they do not have to show you the gun what so ever.

In Missouri Do police have to show you the radar gun?

Your question has nothing to do with FIREARMS.

Would large flocks of birds show up on radar?


Do police have to show you the radar gun in NC?

No they do not. There is no state where it is a legal requirement.

What can Doppler radar show?

Doppler radar is commonly used to detect precipitation and how much is coming down and can also be used to measure wind speed.

Can returning radar energy show the direction and speed of a falling raindrop?


In Virginia do the police have to show you the radar gun if you ask to see the speed posted?


Do police have to have their radar gun registration?

They have to show that it is has been tested and is functioning properly.

What are the applications of radar?

The applications of a radar is,Whale's radar,ship's radar,submarine's radar,plane's radar.

What is the difference between radar and radar summary?

Radar charts show moisture (both liquid and frozen). Radar charts are very useful in both summer and winter months (actually year-round) because of the ability to discern liquid and frozen moisture. Radar Summary charts only show liquid moisture (no ability to see ice, snow or mixed precipitation) but show thunderstorm cell movement (directional arrow vectors and speed in knots) as well as individual cell height in thousands of feet (400 = 40,000 feet). Also watch and warning boxes are added to depict areas of strong or severe weather not shown on Radar charts.

On the tv show mash what was radar o'reilly's first name?

Walter he was a famous character

How can radar be used to help predict weather?

Weather radar devices electronically convert the reflected radio waves into picture that show the location and intensity of precipitation and the speed of the wind.

How do Doppler Radar and Satellite Radar help people?

The Doppler radar help scientists by the color code which is on the screen, and the colors show if the tornato if it is F0-F1-F2-F3-F4-F5. F5 is the strogest, most incredible tornato out of the six.

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