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it is a kinky sex position where the male slaps his testicles on a woman's face while screaming turkey related noises to disturb the next door residents wank sesh another meaning is when you smack an old mans balls with a book and recite old English poetry.

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social recreation

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Q: What does recreational activity mean?
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What are the purpose of recreational activities?

Purpose of recreational activity

What is the definition of recreational activities?

A recreational activity is a physical activity, usually moderate in intensity, that one does for pleasure.

What does RAV4 in Toyota Rav 4 Mean?

Recreational Activity Vehicle with 4-wheel drive

What is one recreational activity in turkey?


What are some synonyms of the term 'recreational'?

When something is 'recreational' it usually refers to a leisure activity. Other words for this sort of activity include 'avocation', 'entertainment', and 'pastime'.

Is hiking a mountain game?

No it is more of a recreational activity.

What is another word for a recreational center?

Community activity center.

What recreational activity is second on populartity only to walking in the us?


What recreational activity is 2nd on popularity only to walking in the us?


What is the primary reason why one engages in recreational activity?

It is to relieve stress

Definition of recreational activity?

Refreshments of one's mind or body after work through activity that amuses or stimulates; play.

When did they do there recreational things?

Seriously who are you talking about and what recreational things do you mean.