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In Jonas's community, "release" refers to a euphemism for killing or euthanizing individuals who are deemed unfit or pose a threat to the stability of the society. It is viewed as a way to maintain harmony and order within the community.

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Q: What does release mean in Jonas community?
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Why did Jonas take gabe with him when he escaped the community?

because Gabe was going to be release

What page did Jonas realize his community needed to change?

Jonas realizes that his community needs to change on page 137 of "The Giver" when he witnesses his father release a baby. This event prompts Jonas to question the values and practices of the community, leading to his realization that things are not as perfect as they seem.

What are six events that happened during the celebration of release of giver?

The ceremonial naming and age assignments of the children. Jonas's selection as the Receiver of Memory. Jonas's training with the Giver and the memories he receives. Jonas's realization of the truth about the community. Jonas's escape with the baby Gabriel. The community's response and the implications of Jonas's departure.

What did Jonas learn about what happens to the old?

Jonas learned that when people in the community became too old to be productive or useful, they were released from the community, which essentially meant they were euthanized. This was done in a controlled and seemingly peaceful manner as a way to maintain the harmony and efficiency of the community.

What disturbing dream did the Giver share with Jonas?

The Giver shared a dream with Jonas about a child being released by his father, which disturbed Jonas as he had been taught that release was a positive thing but the dream implied something darker. The dream foreshadowed Jonas's realization about the true meaning of release in the community.

What does The Giver mean when he warns Jonas to stay away from the river?

The Giver warns Jonas to stay away from the river because it is dangerous and unpredictable. The river represents uncertainty and the unknown, which can be unsettling for those in the tightly controlled community of the book.

In the book the giver what does Jonas learn about what happens during a Release?

In "The Giver," Jonas learns that during a Release, individuals in his community are euthanized by lethal injection. The community believes this is a peaceful way to release individuals to "Elsewhere," though Jonas eventually learns that it actually means they are killed.

Who searched for Jonas and Gabe?

Jonas searched for Gabe after he discovered that Gabe had been marked for release by the community. He went on a perilous journey to find his missing friend and ensure his safety.

What is Jonas first disturbing memory?

Jonas's first disturbing memory is of seeing a release ceremony in which a newborn twin is released from the community due to its inability to thrive. This memory horrifies Jonas and foreshadows the darker aspects of his society.

How are they elderly treated un Jonas's community?

In Jonas's community, the elderly are treated with respect and care. They are given comfortable living accommodations and medical attention as needed. However, once they reach a certain age and are deemed no longer productive, they are released from the community in a ceremony called "release" which is meant to be a form of euthanasia.

What would happen to the community if Jonas had an accident and was lost or died?

The community would get all the memories

How does jonas's community try to eliminate weakness?

Jonas's community eliminates weakness through the process of "release," which involves removing individuals who are deemed to be weak or no longer beneficial to society. This can involve euthanizing the elderly or those who fail to conform to societal norms in extreme cases. The community believes that by eliminating weakness, they can maintain stability and uniformity.