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What does renal mean?

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Renal means related to the kidney. For instance, the renal artery is the blood vessel that serves the kidney.

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Kidney OR Urinary System.

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What does the medical abbreviation ESRD mean?

End Stage Renal DiseaseEnd-stage renal diseaseEnd-stage renal diseaseEnd Stage Renal Disease"End-stage renal disease"End-stage renal disease

What is left renal agenesis?

I would assume it mean absent of the left renal function or kidney

What does diffuse increase in renal parenchymal echogenicity mean and what are its causes?

renal parenchyal echogenicity crf mild

What is mean by renal failure and kidney stones?

kidney donot perform its function is called renal failure

What does renal stasis mean?

Stasis refers to something being impaired or slowed down. If renal stasis occurs, it would mean the kidneys are shutting down.

What are the three main regions of the kidney in their correct sequence from outermost to innermost?

renal cortex > renal medulla > renal pelvis1.renal medulla>renal pelvis>renal cortex2.renal medulla>renal cortex>renal pelvis3.renal cortex>renal medulla>renal pelvis4.renal cortex>renal pelvis>renal medulla

Why do you find renal epithelial cells in urine?

What does it mean when there are higher than normal levels of renal epithelial cells in urine?

What is the difference between chronic kidney disease and chronic renal disease?

Kidney and Renal are synonymous. Therefore, chronic kidney disease and chronic renal disease mean the same thing.

What does medical code 593.9 mean?

Acute renal insufficiency

What does the medical abbreviation CRF mean?

Chronic Renal Failure

What does the medical phrase The renal arteries are patent bilaterally and are single mean?

This information means there is only one renal artery per kidney and both of them are open and without any obstructions. Many times there are multiple renal arteries or renal artery branches on each side.

Are renal pelvis and renal calculi the same?

The renal pelvis and renal calculi are not the same. The renal pelvis is a normal part of the body. Renal calculi are kidney stones and are not normal.

What does the medical abbreviation CRRT mean?

Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy

What is the kidney disase called?

Kidney disease is called as Renal disease . There are many renal disease like renal hypertension, renal calculus or stones, renal tumours, renal infection etc

The triangular shaped areas of the renal medulla are the what?

They are located in the renal medulla and are made of a renal corpuscle and a renal tubule.

What does renal hypodensities mean?

Kidney or urinary lowdensity head in this example a cyst

What artery serves the kidney?

i think its renal :| i think its renal :| i think its renal :|

The areas on either side of the renal pyramids are called renal?

renal columns

Which vessels can be found in the renal hilum?

Renal arteries are found in the renal helium.

What is another more medical term for renal calculi?

I'm not sure what you mean by "more medical". Renal means having to do with the kidneys, and calculus is Latin for "pebble". Renal calculi are, therefore, "kidney stones" ... but I don't see how that's "more medical."

What is renal cell carcinoma, where can I get more information?

Renal cell carcinoma is cancer of the kidneys. There are four main types of renal cell carcinoma, clear renal carcinoma , granular renal cell carcinoma, mixed granular renal cell carcinoma and spindle renal cell carcinoma

What is the function of the renal pyramid?

The renal pyramid alone does not have a specific function in the anatomy books I have read. Yet in the renal lobe (which is the renal pyramid and renal column) is where urine production occurs.

What does the renal artery do?

The renal artery supplies blood to the renal system, or the kidneys. The renal artery differ with the renal vein in containing the less concentration of co2 and more concentration of urea

What is the outer portion of the kidney?

The Renal CortexThe renal cortex is the outer region of the kidney.The outer part of the kidney is the renal cortex.It is called the renal cortexcortex

What are renal epithelial cells?

Renal epithelial cells are the cells lining the renal tubules.