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What does residing mean?

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Residing is the present particle of the word reside which means to have a home in particular place or to be present in or belong to somebody or something.
residing mean living !! ")

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How do you spell residing?

That is the correct spelling of the word "residing" (living at or in a certain location).

Is it correct to say one or more persons are residing or reside?

People are residing. It's 'to reside'.

How do you make sentence using residing?

Example sentence - The family has been residing in the same neighborhood for years.

What is residing state?

home town

Are there blacks residing in Poland?


What does the saying a Trojan horse mean?

A program that appears to be legitimate but is designed to have destructive effects, as to data residing in the computer onto which the program was loaded.

Who is the actor playing Santa in the m and m commercial?

His name is Howard A. Covert and is currently residing in Iowa; was residing in Farmingdale, NJ before that

Which Latin American country has US citizens residing in it?

All of them; however most US Citizens residing in Latin America are found in Mexico.

Can a landlord raise my rent in san Francisco if I get married?

If you went from one person residing in the property, to two people residing in the property, yes.

What does 'outpatient surgery appointment' mean?

You've an appointment for surgery but are not expected to stay over-night. (Out-patients are categorized as patients) not residing in the hospital)

What word means to choose what is convenient for you?

choicing, residing

Where is John McCain currently residing?

Phoenix, Arizona

How do you say residing in french?


Term used for residing place of horse?


Where is Justin Bieber presently residing?

No one cares.

What is the population for on the moon?

Currently there are no humans residing on our Moon.

Where is Jan crouch?

Currently residing in Southern California.

What is the verb for the word resident?

The verb is to reside (resides, residing, resided).

How is there a lot of congestion in japan?

In their large cities, most definitely. There are an estimated 127 million people residing in Japan (circa 2010), with 17 million alone residing in Tokyo!

What does the apex predator mean?

An apex predator, also known as an alpha predatoror apical predator, is a predatorresiding at the top of a food chain upon which no other creatures prey.

Can a US National residing in the US vote for the US presidency?


Was Dinshaw Petit Indian?

yes. He was a Zoroastrian residing in India.

What is the hometown of chyna?

She is currently residing in Los Angeles, California

Where is Barry Commoner residing now?

New york city

Is Tim curry still residing in los angeles?


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