Respiratory System

What does respiration look like?

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What does the equation of cell respiration look like?

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What does cellular respiration look like?

Ch2o + o + o2 -> co2 + h2o + atp

Does cyanide poisoning look like heart disease?

No, cyanide poisoning stop the respiration .

What is a white tigers respiration like?

what is a tigers respiration like

How does chromatin material look like in a normal cell under microscope?

a respiration (respire meter) is a piece of scientific equipment that can be used to investigate respiration rates in small organisms such as maggots

How is respiration similar to burning of fuel?

In what way is respiration like burning?

How does the chimpanzee do respiration?

Just like you do.

Which life process creates energy from glucose?

Respiration. Glucose is basically sugar, which is taken in by organisms that use respiration by eating food. That respiration and oxygen taken in from the mouth or nose, is used. Look at the formula for respiration! Hope this helped!

What is the name of the process of respiration that does not require oxygen?

anaerobic respiration there is also fermentation, which is like anaerobic respiration but does not have an electron transport chain

What is the Respiration information of a Bengal tigers?

The respiration of a tiger is that it breathes ou of his nose and they use there lungs, just like humans. The respiration of a tiger is that it breathes ou of his nose and they use there lungs, just like humans.

Do hermit crabs have respiration systems like humans?

No; hermit crabs respiration is provided by branchial appendages.

In what why is respiration like buring?

Respiration breaks down glucose. Such a reaction releases heat, analogous to burning.

What is the range for normal respiration?

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What kind of respiration a rat has?

Just like a human being, a rat has aerobic respiration. An aerobic respiration is the type where oxygen is required to convert food to energy.

Do animal cells complete cellular respiration through the use of mitochondria?

Yes they do like that.Mitochondria are essential for respiration.

Do metabolic reactions occur in isolation?

No they are coupled with others. Look at cellular respiration...

What is the respiration of a monkey?

a monkey breaths in and out like a human.

Does Atp store the energy released by respiration?

Yes, respiration is a exothermic reaction and just like the suns heat energy atmosphere also store the energy released by respiration.

What does the equation of respiration look like?

in a plant its the opposite of photosynthesis + LIGHT 6CO2 + 6H2O = C6H12O6 (glucose) + 6O2 reversed it becomes respiration 6O2 + C6H12O6 = 6CO2 + 6H2O chloroplasts use sunlight to to convert the water and carbon dioxide into glucose and release the by product, Oxygen in respiration Oxygen is taken into the plant and glucose is turned into respiratory energy by Mitochondria.

Do animals and plants respire like humans?

not like humans but they do respiration but how do they respire then ?

Why does a mitochondria look like it does?

A mitochondria looks like it does because it is folded within itself many times over. This is to provide a larger surface area within the mitochondria to allow for a higher rate of cellular respiration

Why is respiration important to animals?

Respiration is important to animals because animals needed air/oxygen to live. Like humans.

How is the chemical equation for photosynthesis like the chemical equation for cellular respiration?

they both create/break down food using similar chemical which i can't spell.... look it up!

How does photosynthesis and respiration affect the carbon oxygen cycle?

Photosynthesis : Uses CO2 and releases O2 into the air. Respiration: Uses O2 and releases CO2 into the air. If you look at the equations of photosynthesis and respiration they are the exact reverse of each other.

What does Klebsiella look like?

what does Klebsiella look like what does Klebsiella look like what does Klebsiella look like what does Klebsiella look like