What does rust and iron form?


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Rust is an iron oxide, Fe2O3.

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Oxygen reacts with iron to form rust.

NO! It reacts with air to form iron oxide (AKA rust) and water to form iron hydroxide (AKA rust)

Rust is oxidized iron and occurs when oxygen chemically reacts with iron

The oxygen dissolved in the water combines with the iron to form iron oxide, or rust (Fe2O3H2O).

Yes, ability to form rust is chemical because here iron reacts with water and oxygen to form iron oxide or rust.

iron react with oxygen in the presence of water to form rust.

Screws rust because the iron reacts with oxygen to form iron oxide.

Iron rust is a chemical change because during rusting, iron reacts with moisture in the air to form it oxides. The brown coloured rust is nothing but oxides of iron in crude form.

No ONLY Iron can form RUST. That does not mean that Cobalt can not oxidize, just that when it does so it can not form RUST.

Yes, iron can form red-brown flaky rust. It is one of the variant forms of rust when it reacts with oxygen.

Rust is the result of a chemical combination of iron and oxygen.

They combine to form rust. You might be able to guess from what's combining that "rust" is apparently an iron oxide.

Rust is Iron Oxide which has accumlated on top of the iron. The top layer of the iron, when exposed to moisture or water, reacts with the oxygen in the air to form rust. Rust can also form when Iron is exposed to a strong oxidizer or acids. But rust is not a chemical property of iron, it's in fact a completely different compound which used to be iron before reacting with oxygen.

It doesn't contain iron, so won't rust. Only iron can react with oxygen and form iron oxides/rust.

I'm sure you meant to ask what makes iron rust. Rusting is a different way of saying oxidation. Oxygen reacts with iron to form iron oxide, or rust.

Rust is the name of a series of iron oxides (Fe2O3, Fe3O4...) that form when iron or steel corrodes.

Rust occurs when iron interacts with oxygen and water, especially in the atmosphere. It's a form of Iron Oxide, and as such is chemically different from iron itself.

The most common magnetic element that corrodes to form rust is iron. When aligned, atoms of iron will possess a magnetic field that will lead to interaction with other magnetic, ferrous materials. Iron will oxidize to form rust.

the reactive property of iron that allows it to combine with oxygen to form rust.

Iron can react with water in the presence of air and form rust.

Iron combines with oxygen to for RUST, not dust.

Iron present in the nail oxidizes in oxygen to form the iron oxides

Iron does rust in the artificial sites because it combines with atmospheric oxygen to form oxides.

Rust is an iron oxide, the product of a oxidation-reduction (redox) reaction between iron and oxygen in the presence of water or air moisture.

This kind of change is an irreversible reaction caused by iron being exposed to air. Rust (or iron oxide) is a form of oxidation. ;-)

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