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What does satellite radio-ready mean?

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I think it means you can buy a satellite radio receiver, and your stereo will accept it's input without modification.

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What does un satellite mean?

"a satellite"

What is a moon or satellite?

A moon is a satellite but a satellite doesn't mean that it'll be a moon.

What did it mean to be a satellite to the USSR?

A satellite depended financially, economically, and militarily on the USSR. This is called a "satellite nation".

What is the biggest satellite?

If you mean around planet earth I suspect the moon is the biggest satellite

What does satellite image in geography mean?

It means looking at an image, a picture, taken by a satellite.

Does satellite mean moon?


Is there 1 satellite on the moon?

The Moon is our satellite. If you mean like satellites in orbit, those are around the Earth. If you mean is a ship on the Moon, rephrase.

What does moon mean?

moon means, a natural satellite.

What does it mean for a satellite to be in geosynchronous orbit?

it's hot. ;)

What does GPS stand for and what does it mean?

Global Positioning Satellite

How many satellite do earth have?

It really depends on what you mean by a satellite. There are approximately 2465 artificial satellites orbitting earth. See: for more information.

What is an arial perspective?

You mean AERIAL I hope. This is a photograph or movie taken from the air, by an aircraft or satellite

What does satellite mean onn Toshiba computers?

It means that it has WiFi.

How is the geostationary satellite used?

If you mean what it is used for, its most common uses are for weather forecasting, and communications, like satellite TV and radio.

What does sputnik mean in pig latin?

Nothing - It is Russian for Satellite actually, while sputnik was the first satellite sent up by the Russians into space, and first ever really, it doesn't mean satellite in Russian. It means "fellow traveler of the earth" contrary to what you might think

What do you mean by satellite?

A satellite is an object that orbits around another object. A satellite can either be natural, like a moon, or man-made like the satellites that help bring Internet and television from around the world.

What is satellite longitude in satellite communication?

satellite is satellite

Differences of the satellite and moon?

The Moon is a satellite.The Moon is a satellite.The Moon is a satellite.The Moon is a satellite.

What should I know before purchasing a satellite?

Did you mean a stellite TV, phone or navigation system? The answer will depend on what type of satellite service you are looking for. If its satellite TV id first make sure you can get service in your area.

Name the different kinds of satellite?

land satellite sea satellite communication satellite weather satellite and spy satellite

What is artifical satellite?

An Artificial Satellite is a satellite is a satellite that humans have put into orbit eg. a weather satellite or a satellite for a GPS (sat-nav) the moon is a natural satellite

First to orbit the earth?

It all depends on what you mean by 'first'. Do you mean the first person or the first satelliteto orbit the earth?If you mean the first satellite, than it was Sputnik. It was sent into orbit in 1957 by the Russians. When the Americans heard that the Russians had actually gotten a satellite in orbit around earth, they immediately constructed a 3 pound satellite that they called Americas response to Russia (however Russia's satellite was 3 tons). The satellite rose a few feet into the air and fell down and crashed. The Russians said they were sorry the Americans were having so much trouble.If you mean the first person; that was Yuri Gagarin, a Russian. The Russians also beat the Americans to getting a Man in space in 1962, only five years after the first satellite was put into space.

What is satellite learning?

Satellite learning is learning that is done off campus. It can mean taking courses from home, or from other locations away from the school's main campus.

What does NESSID mean?

NESSID stands for National Environmental Satellite Service Identification

What does the trem satellite states mean?

Countries controlled by a more powerful nation

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