What does sehr witzig mean?

Updated: 12/22/2022
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Sehr witzig means: Very funny.

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Q: What does sehr witzig mean?
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What actors and actresses appeared in Sehr witzig - 2005?

The cast of Sehr witzig - 2005 includes: Annett Fleischer as Misc. Jesko Friedrich as Misc. Janina Isabell Batoly as Misc. (2005) Dennis Kaupp as Misc. Robert Missler as Misc. Katrin Richter as Misc.

How do you say I am 15 and i am very funny in German?

Ich bin fünfzehn, und ich bin sehr witzig.

What does sehr mean in german?

sehr = very

When did Rudolf Witzig die?

Rudolf Witzig died on 2001-10-03.

When was Rudolf Witzig born?

Rudolf Witzig was born on 1916-08-14.

What does und sehr gut mean in English?

sehr gut = very good sehr gut = very well

What does sehr weit weg mean?

Sehr weit weg means very far away.

What does this mean sehr nicht du?

Sehr nicht Du makes no sense in German. It translates as very not you.

What does sehr schön mean in German?

German: "sehr schön" means English: "very nice".

What has the author Erich Witzig written?

Erich Witzig has written: 'Johann David Beil, der Mannheimer Schauspieler'

What doessehr selten mean in english?

"Sehr selten" in English translates to "very rare."

How do you say very delicious in German?

sehr lecker sehr schmackhaft sehr fein sehr köstlich sehr appetitlich vorzüglich