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What does shift delete do?

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[SHIFT] + [DEL] sends files straight away to the recycling bin , it's a common hotkey to delete files.

2012-01-03 12:35:46
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Q: What does shift delete do?
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How do you delete the history list?

Just Press ctrl+shift+delete

Delete column vba excel?

to delete column B Columns("B:B").Delete Shift:=xlToLeft

What is place that you put files and folders that you want to delete?

trash =) or shift+delete

How do you copy and paste in turbo c compiler?

Following combinations are used in C Compilers... COPY - Ctrl+Insert CUT - Shift+Delete PASTE - Shift+Insert DELETE - Ctrl+Delete

What keys do you press when you want to permanently delete a file?

"Shift" and "Del" or "Delete" together

How do you retrieve a shift deleted file?

Commonly use to recover a deleted file is to go in the recycle bin and restore it but if the file is deleted through shift-delete the file will not find in the bin. To retrieve the files that were deleted by shift-delete, you will need to download and install the shift delete file recovery software which is downloadable online.

How do you delete more than 1 email at a time from sent msgs outlook express?

Press and hold Shift and click the range of letters which you want to delete and then release Shift and press delete. Or press and hold CTRL and click on the letters which you want to delete (further the same as for Shift). All you can prese CTRL+A it will highlight all letters in the folder after press delete.

What does shift plus enter do?

Trys to delete your family

How do you delete browsing history on this website?

click 'safety' then 'delete browsing history' then 'history' and delete or just ctrl+shift+del

How delete previous asked questions?

You hold Command Shift Delete at the same time.But make sure when you click on the question typing box go down to the one you want to delete and make sure the question turns blue the hold Command Shift Delete on it.

How do you delete french accents on keyboard?

You delete them by pressing Shift + Ctrl at the same time. Usually, you have to do twice.

How can i start a new game in need for speed shift?

You have to delete your save file of need for speed shift

Does deleting a file in DOS remove it permanently?


How do you delete browsing history on Google Chrome?

You can delete the history by using the shortcut key 'Ctrl + Shift + Del'.

How do you delete if c folder is full?

Hold shift when deleting to skip recycle bin and delete file completely

How do you stop an application from loading after it has started?

Open task manager.Press Ctrl + Shift + delete. Select the task and delete.

How do you delete multiple messages from blackberry?

you press the delete key really fast. Hold shift as you scroll through the messages, then hit your menu button and delete ...

What is the shortcut function key to delete files?

Delete sends the file to the recycle bin. Shift + Delete destroys the file immediately and does not send it to the recycle bin.

Which shortcut in Windows allows you to delete the selected item permanently without placing the item in the Recycle Bin?


How do you delete plants on Sims?

In the cheat box (SHIFT+CONTROL+C) type "moveobjects on" and now you can move and delete anything!

How do you delete floors in sims 3?

Press Ctrl. Or if you want to delete the whole room floor press Ctrl Shift.

How do you delete a page number on Microsoft word?


How do you delete music on iTunes 9?

To delete tracks from your iTunes library right click on the track and select Delete from the menu. If the DELETE key doesn't work, or if delete is missing from the context menu, and grayed out in the dropdown menu, try SHIFT-DELETE.

How do you get rid of ghosts in sims 3?

You press Ctrl+Shift+C and then type TestingCheatsEnabled True (if it says command is not recognized try it without the capitals) You then go to the grave of the ghost you want to delete and then Shift+Click the gravestone and then press delete. You can also Shift+Click the ghost Sim and then press delete and this also works with deleting normal Sims as well.

Why doesn't my Google Chrome have the Clear Browsing Data anymore?

Just press CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE and select what you want to delete.