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I think you mean Francis Tresham and he was one of the plotters

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Did the gunpowder plot sucsed?

i think that the gumpoweder plot did not suced as the y faild and got cort

How did they get the gunpowder under the houses of parliament in the gunpowder plot?

they got 36 barrels of gunpowder into the houses of parliament by a boat they put all the barrels on a boat.

5 facts about the gunpowder plot?

1. It took place on the 5th of November. 2. 36 barrels of gunpowder was placed underneath the Houses of Parliament. 3. Guy was the one who got caught. 4. A letter was received saying `not to go to the opening`. 5. They got caught the night before the plot.

What went wrong in the gunpowder plot?

Francis Trezim wrote a letter to his brother in law who was going to be in the house of parliament that day about there going to be a big explosion; so when he got the letter he urgently told King James who got his guards to catch Guy Fawkes and also hang, draw and quarter him.

What was the Gunpowder Plot and when did it take place?

The gun powder plot is when guy Fawkes blew up the houses of Parliment ( parliment isn't spelt right)With gun powder but he got caught and got executed It took place in 16th century.

How did guy Fawkes set up the gunpowder plot?

him and his friends got the 36 gunpowder plot carried by the ships and thomas catesby rented a house so close to the parliament and guy fawks made a tunnel and into the parliament and on the 5th November was when he was going to blow up parliament but he got tortured and hangedAllah this is truein Englishit means i swear to god this is absolutely right

What should i put in a paragraph about the gunpowder plot?

Guy Fawkes may of told the truth about his identity but the council might of lied so they could of got him into trouble. The council got the gunpowder, they set the Catholics up so king James would hate Catholics even more.

What has the gun powder plot got to do with Macbeth?

The Gunpowder Plot, a plot by fanatical Catholics to blow up the king and Parliament with gunpowder, was discovered on November 5, 1605, and Guy Fawkes Day is still celebrated on November 5 to commemorate it. (Guy Fawkes was one of the conspirators). One of the organizers of the plot, Father Garnett, had published a pamphlet on how to equivocate, or lie without really lying, and the words "equivocate" and "equivocator" appear throughout the play, particularly in the Porter's speech.

Where did guy Fawkes get the gunpowder from?

guy fawkes got the gunpowder from a foren country and imported it into england.

What has Treason got to do with King James?

While King James I reined on both Scotland and England the famous Gunpowder Plot assassination had occurred. This was a failed assassination on King James I that the English Catholics had committed.

Who was to blame for the Gunpowder plot and what evidence was there?

there is more than 1 person to blame for the gunpowder plot dependimg on your views of the historical event. ffor example some people believe that king James 1 was to blame because of the laws he past, others believe that Robert Catesby was to blame because he was thew one that came up with the idea and was the one that got all of the other 12 catholic people in on it aswell

What disaster happened between Scout and Francis?

Francis called atticus a neggro lover so scout got angry and got in a fight with Francis

Was there a fire on the Mayflower?

There almost was. Two boys, John and Francis Billington, were playing with fire. They set fire to some rope while standing next to barrels of gunpowder. Luckily, they were caught and promptly got into trouble.

Facts about the gunpowder plot?

it was on 5th november 1605, guy fawks and his gang did it because the king at that time hated Catholics, and he was a Catholic, everyone found out about it because of a letter that said the gunpowdfer was going to happen (find more about fact three on google), there were 13 people involved in the gunpowder plot and lastly, just about when guy fawkes was doing the countdown to the bomb or whatever it was, the guards or some gang got him, and punished him. Hope dis helped mon!!!!!!!!!!

What was the purpose of the gunpowder plot of 1605?

The Gunpowder Plot was intended to blow up the English "House of Lords" while the King was conducting the state opening. This would have killed or injured the King, most of his Ministers and the Members of both houses. This would effectively have destroyed the government of England, and left Scotland without a king and several important figures in attendance at the English Parliament. The resulting chaos throughout Britain would have permitted a Catholic Rising to replace James with his Daughter and possibly reverse or alter the Reformation in favour of the Catholics. However the plot was not particularly well organised and probably wouldn't have got that far even if the gunpowder had gone off.

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