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Mother's mother.



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Q: What does sitto mean in lebanese?
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Can Sittu be used as the word for grandmother in Lebanese?

Sittu or Sitto means "his grandmother". If you want to refer to your grandmother you say Sitti. Sitta also means "her grandmother" and Sitton "their grandmother".

Is sitto a word?

No it is not.

What is the money of Lebanon?

You mean the currency, it is the Lebanese Lira(L.L) or Lebanese Livres.

What does Saab mean in lebanese?

Acutely what it mean in Arabic it means (hard)

What does the Lebanese name Mateel mean in English?


What is bahibak mean?

BahiBak means I love you in Lebanese!!!

What does shookrun mean?

It means thank you in Arabic (Lebanese)

Is jay Sean labanesn?

Do you mean Lebanese? No, he doesn't even look Lebanese. Jay Sean is British and his ethnicity is Punjabi Indian.

What actors and actresses appeared in Sitto no nioi - 2001?

The cast of Sitto no nioi - 2001 includes: Mireiyu Maki Ikeda Ayako Kawahara Eriko Nakamura Masato Sakai Minori Terada Yasufumi Terawaki

What does Situ mean in Lebanese?

The word siti means my grandmother in Lebanese. The word sita means her grandmother and sito means his grandmother

What does the red on the Lebanon represent?

You mean the Lebanese flag: Blood of martyrs.

Who lives in Lebanon?

If you mean Lebanon (the country), Lebanese people live there :)