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Breasts can be sore for any number of reasons, typically due to hormonal changes such as around ovulation, menstruation, or when you become pregnant. If you're in your teens breast tenderness may be due to breast growth, similarly if you're wearing a bra too small for you it can cause soreness.

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Q: What does sore breasts mean?
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Can you be pregnant but not have sore breasts?

No. Just because your breasts are sore doesn't mean that you are pregnant. When you get your period, your breasts tend to get sore too. Sore breasts aren't the only sign of pregnancy.

Does it mean you are ovulating when your breasts are sore?


What do sore breasts mean?

Sore breasts could mean that you are pregnant, but it could mean other things, including your period approaching, or breast disease.

What does it mean when your breasts are really sore?

They are growing!

What does it mean if your breasts are sore on the sides?

my breast is sore and i eat a lot of spicy

What does mean when you have sore nipples?

When you have sore nipples, it means that your breasts are developing, or you are at puberty.

You have sore breasts on and off also around your belly button what does this mean?

have sore breasts on and off also hurts around my belly button?could this mean anything?

When you have sore breasts does it mean you're growing up?


What does it mean if your breasts and nipples are sore?

That's a pregnancy symptom

Spotting bleeding and sore breasts does this mean your pregnant?


What does it mean when breasts are sore?

it could mean your pregnant or your going on you period. that's all i got and I'm only 13 (: Sore breasts are an early sign of pregnancy in women.

If you had your period regardless of it being late or on time negative pregnancy test but having sore breasts what could that mean?

If your pregnancy test was negative, you got your period and your breasts are sore it could just mean that they're growing. Breasts can also be sore or tender during your period.

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