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Q: What does sprawy mean in polish?
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When did Sprawy Narodu end?

Sprawy Narodu ended in 1944.

When was Sprawy Narodu created?

Sprawy Narodu was created in 1943.

What are the ratings and certificates for Meskie sprawy - 1989?

Meskie sprawy - 1989 is rated/received certificates of: Iceland:12

What has the author Adam Fiala written?

Adam Fiala has written: 'Sprawy rodzinne'

What does mad mean in polish?

"Mad" in Polish is "szalony".

What is the plural form of polish?

If you mean Polish people - it's Poles. If you mean the cleaning spray or liquid, then it's simply polish.

What does the name Katie mean in Polish?

Do you mean what is the Polish equivilent for the name 'Katie'? Katarzyna

What does Da mean in polish?

Da is not Polish. It is Russian for yes. The Polish equivalent is Tak.

What does your name mean in Polish?

Names do not have meanings in Polish

What does bardos mean in polish?

Nothing - it's not a Polish word.

What does niedziela mean in polish?

Niedziela means "Sunday" in Polish.

What does bottle mean in polish?

"Bottle" in Polish means "butelka".