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What does square mean in math?

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Look in your math book you will find the answer!!!

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unit x unit = square units

When you multiply a number by itself, you square the number. The square of 3 is 9.

It is the square: the variable multiplied by itself.

A cube is a shape or figure in math and it has 6 faces also it always is a square.

Quadratic refers to a type of math function that is growing as a square of the input

Your mom is a square. That is a perfect example of a polygon.

Congruent, in any basic math, means equal to or the same. For example, if I had to squares that were completely identical, I could say square one is congruent to square to.

sigma thita alpha bita gama root square

You may mean a unit of measurement equal to to 5.5 yards. Or a unit of square measurement equal to 30.25 square yards

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I wanted to know what is reasonableness in math mean

Shorthand for "square root" and can also refer to cube root ("third root") etc etc.

Yes because a square can be a rectangle learn your math.

The square root of 74 is 8.60232527

Square means to multiply by itself. For example, 2 squared=2 x 2=4, or 8 squared=8 x 8=64

Shapes are said to be similar if they are proportioned to each other and have the same interior angles as for example a 4 inch square is similar to a 2 inch square

Square numbers formed when two same numbers multiply together and the answer is the square number. For example: 6 x 6=36, 6 and 6 are the same number, therefore 36 is a square number.

figure math means figure math

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HL in math mean hypotenuse leg

Communitive means of, or belonging to, a community. It has no meaning in math. Communative does not mean anything - in math or elsewhere.

No. And it is not a square number outside of maths, either.

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