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suite means yr house (strange question)

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go to "star5902" vote her covergirlsend her ANY giftlog outwait about a half hourand you will find the gift that you sent her in YOUR suite

"Presidential Suite", as in a really nice, fancy suite inside a hotel.

You can make up a doll, which is called your medoll, buy makeup and clothes for it, decorate your suite, join clubs once you hit 50 star points you can post in the disscussions. Stardolls currencey is Stardollars and Starcoins.

u cant. its not a website like poptropica or totally spies academy. u decorate your suite, style your me-doll, play games, dress-up celebs on stardoll. add me my name is true_liana

A suite is a collection of items that complement each other and/or act together, e.g., a suite of musical compositions, a suite of rooms, a suite of furniture.

ensuite (one word) means 'then' in French. en suite can mean several rooms in a hotel that are available as an apartment

If You mean 'the suite life of Zack and Cody' then 12, and if you mean 'The suite life on deck' then 15.

you can get a stardoll membership and you can get stardollars as gifts.

her password was juicyleavesnowy but she changed it!

It is selenawizz she has proof.

A suite is a group of connecting items. Rooms, bedroom furniture are examples.

you cant get free clothes on

First you must get your email confirmed.

she's okay, she has lots of clothess

She was not active and her account got deleted.

well you have to be on stardoll a lot

suivre is a verb meaning to followla suite is what is followingtout de suite means all at once, just following, as if you were doing something just after talking about it.

help me to be dress up games my medoll

it stands for the suite life of Zack and Cody

An Un-accepted friend request or incoming friend request

Because they have to pay for workers, etc. So they will make money. =]

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