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What does super symmetry mean in relation to atoms?

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What does super atom mean?

The group of rubidium atoms sits in the same place, creating a "super atom."

What does a super subscript mean in a chemical formula?

The number of atoms of an element in a molecule.

What is Redial Symmetry?

A redial symmetry mean a crcluclim or pattern.

Does a square have rational symmetry?

if you mean rotational symmetry then yes, rotational symmetry of order 4

What does the word symmetry mean?

When something has symmetry, it is the same size and same shape. like a square has 4 lines of symmetry.

What types of interval body plans do animals have?

Asymmetrical mean don't have a bodySpherical SymmetryRadial SymmetryBilateral symmetry mean they can cut in 2 equal half

How many lines of symmetry does x have?

If you mean the letter x, it has four lines of symmetry.

What is definition of diplomatic relation?

what is mean by deplomatic relation

Have rectangle got rotation?

If you mean "Does it have a rotational symmetry", the answer is "Yes." there is a 180 degree rotational symmetry.

What does it mean for a figure to have rotation symmetry?


What does x mean in symmetry?

that means multiply

What does symmetry mean?

symmetry means a line that can go through a shape making 2 parts which are the same.

What does line of symmetry mean?

line of symmetry is divides a figure into halves are the mirror images ofeach other

How many lines of symmetry a heart has?

i think u mean: how many lines of symmetry DOES a heart HAVE and its has 1

What is the best example of a-symmetry?

I assume you mean in animals? The best example is a sponge, in Phylum Porifera.

What does the title mean in relation to the film as a whole?

what does the title letters to juliet mean in relation to the film as a whole

What does CIA non reactive mean in relation to Phyllis?

What does CIA non reactive mean in relation to syphilis

What does foster a relationship mean?

To foster a relation means to grow the relation.

What does symmetry mean in maths?

Symmetry in math means that both sides of an equation are balanced. This is a way of equaling out a problem.

What is the relation between mean median and mode?

In a symmetric distribution, the mean and the median are the same. Otherwise there is no relation. In symmetric distributions with only one mode, the mode will coincide with the mean and median, but otherwise there is no relation.

What does symetry mean?

symmetry is two sides the same.

What creatures have radical symmetry?

Radial symmetry? If you mean radial symmetry, then any organism that can be divided equally in infinate ways such as: sea anemones, jellyfish, starfish, and sand dollars.

What does planning mean in relation to health promotion?

planning in relation to health promotion

What does ' what orders of symmetry do these shapes have' mean?

An order of symmetry is the number of times a line of symmetry can be drawn through a shape. For example, a square has four orders of symmetry: One up and down, one left and right, and two diagonal. A rectangle has an two orders of symmetry. A circle has an infinite number of orders of symmetry.

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