What does supernatural mean?


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signifies beside nature, and supernatural, above or

beyond nature. What is very greatly aside from the

ordinary course of things is preternatural; what is

above or beyond the established laws of the universe

is supernatural.


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Phantomology is the study of the supernatural and/or supernatural phenomenon.

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As in "these supernatural solicitings cannot be good."? It means the same as it does anywhere else. The witches' ability to predict the future is apparently supernatural, in the ordinary meaning of that word.

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Youkai is a general Japanese term for supernatural creatures in Japanese folklore.

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Unearthly means unnatural, mysterious, ungodly, alien, supernatural.

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Supernatural intervention does not exist.

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Apparitions are things that appear, often supernatural things like ghosts.

Something which appears. Usually it is used to mean a ghost or other supernatural appearance.

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