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What does symptomatic mean?

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symp·to·mat·ic (sĭm'tə-măt'ĭk, sĭmp'-)

adj. # Of, relating to, or based on symptoms: symptomatic relief. # Constituting a symptom, as of a disease: the rash symptomatic of scarlet fever; a rise in unemployment symptomatic of a weakening economy.

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What does symptomatic bradycardia mean?

Bradycardia is a slow heart beat (below 60), and symptomatic means that it is causing symptoms. So a person who has symptomatic bradycardia has a slow heart rate, and it is affecting them in a negative way.

Can gonorrhea be asymptomatic then symptomatic?

Gonorrhea can be asymptomatic then symptomatic.

When you have a cough that is nonproductive is it a symptomatic cough or asymptomatic cough?

All coughs are symptomatic.

How do you use symptomatic in a sentence?

A blocked nose and/or fever is symptomatic of some colds

What does it mean when you hit your head then start to vomit?

Symptomatic of a severe concussion, go see a doctor.

How do you describe symptomatic ischemia?

Symptomatic ischemia is characterized by chest pain called angina pectoris.

Do females or males tend to be more symptomatic when it comes to STDs?

Usually men are more symptomatic when it comes to STD's.Usually males are more symptomatic, but the effects of STDs are worse on females.

What is a symptomatic disease?

Symptomatic means the person experiences symptoms. Asymptomatic means the person felt no symptoms.

How do you cure plague?


What is the Adjective of symptom?


What does bubonic mean?

Bubonic means symptomatic evidence of buboes, which are lymph nodes inflamed and swollen because of plague, gonorrhea or tuberculosis.

Can asymptomatic chlamydia become symptomatic?


What is the treatment of symptomatic empty sella syndrome?

Treatment of symptomatic empty sella syndrome would typically involve replacement therapy for any deficient hormones.

Are tender points symptomatic of myasthenia gravis?



DefinitionSymptomatic can mean showing symptoms, or it may concern a specific symptom. Symptoms are signs of disease or injury and are usually noticed by the patient.Many conditions and diseases have symptoms. A cough can be a symptom of an upper respiratory infection.When someone has the common symptoms associated with a disease or condition, they are considered symptomatic. When a disease exists without noticeable symptoms, the patient is asymptomatic.

The bends are symptomatic of what?

The bends are also known as decompression sickness.

What are the 4 stages of HIV?

Primay , Asymptomatic , Symptomatic , then AIDS

Which results when HIV weakens the immune system?

symptomatic infections

What outcome can be expected from syndactyly surgery?

If polydactyly or syndactyly are just cosmetic and not symptomatic of a condition or disorder, the outcome of surgery is usually very good. If it is symptomatic, the outcome will rely heavily on the management of the disorder.

Which medication would be given first for symptomatic bradycardia?

According to Advanced Cardiac Life Support, atropine would be given first for symptomatic bradycardia. A person would have to be trained to give this medication.

Can anyone think of a symptomatic meaning for the movie knocked up?

A symptomatic meaning for the movie "Knocked Up" is reflected in the way the film portrays the problems an unwanted pregrancy brings to those involved.

What is the treatment of menier's disease?

these no cure of menieres dis but paliative &symptomatic

What is meant by incubation period?

The period where the pathogen is present but the condition is not symptomatic.

What is the most appropriate treatment for a child with acute herpetic gingivostomatitis?


Is diabetes mellitus asymptomatic or symptomatic?

Diabetes is usually symptomatic this is why people tend to have it checked. However, the symptoms might mask something else so people might suspect the wrong thing too.