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there are two sentences here,

tambien lo hacen = they also do it

tengo tu corazon = i have your heart

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What does cómo lo hacen mean?

"Cómo lo hacen" = "How do they do it?" or "How is it done?"

What does this mean in English que hace?

it means, like... what does it do. for example, el buho hacen las alas

What does Que cosas hacen tus padres mean?

¿qué hacen tus padres?

What is the phrase Que hacen tus amigos cuando llueve from Spanish to English?

What do your friends do when it rains. But I'm not 100% sure.

What does que hancen juntos mean?

Que hacen juntos is a Spanish phrase that means, " What do you do together, or what are you doing together, " in English.

When was Las Muñecas que hacen pum created?

Las Muñecas que hacen pum was created in 1979.

What does que hacen mean?

Translation: What are they doing?

When was Cosas que nos hacen sentir bien created?

Cosas que nos hacen sentir bien was created on 2009-05-26.

How do you say those who camp do in spanish?

If the intent is to have a pun on the statement "those who can, do" then the translation will not work since the translation of "those who can, do" is "los que pueden, lo hacen" and the translation for "those who camp do" is "los que hacen campamiento, lo hacen." It doesn't work.

How do you say your getting on my nerve in spanish?

Hace / hacen / haces / hacéis que me moleste.hace / hacen / haces / hacéis que me ponga de malas.

What does hacen mean?

It is a different way of saying hacer.

What does que hacen ustedes mean?

Translation: What are you (pl.) doing?

What does hacen menos cosas mean?

Translation: They do fewer things

What does que hacen mean in spanish?

You (formal plural)/they make or do

How do you say what you doing in Spanish?

¿qué hace / hacen / haces / hacéis?

How do you say Chelsi in spanish?

Chelsi, que hacen lo que

How do you say watcha doin in spanish?

¿Qué hace / hacen / haces / hacéis?

How do say what are the girls doing in spanish?

Translation: ¿Qué hacen las chicas?

How do you say all they do is lie in Spanish?

Todo lo que hacen es mentiras.

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