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it means literal

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How do you spell tecnally?

it's spelled "technically". That is, if you mean it like, "Technically, i didn't break any rules."

What is the difference between mean and bullying?

The act of being mean is technically bullying.

What does the name Teche mean?

Someone who is technically competent.

What does equilibre mean in french?

technically it means wel-balanced

Are all the desert animals an ecosystem?

no.... it depends what you mean... but technically no...

Where can you find five?

technically you can't if you mean physically find it.

What are 5 and -5?


What is an integer for 14?

i dont get what you mean because any number is an integer, technically...

What does Ladarren mean?

It technically means gay. But some people reffer it to happy for there own kind. It technically means gay. But some people reffer it to happy for there own kind.

What does porque esto es Africa mean?

If it is spoken, it can mean "Why is this Africa?" or it can mean "Because this is Africa." But it should technically say "Porque este es africa"

Is technically an adverb?

Yes it is. It is the adverb form of the adjective technical, and means related to a technique, or to specialized work. It can also mean more accurately or specifically (e.g. "technically it is not called a switch").

How many wakeboarders are there world wide?

technically that question is impossible to answer unless you mean professional wakeboarders

Relationship between mean median and mode?

They are all technically ways to calculate the average of numbers

What is the shape of their path of revolution?

If you mean planets, the orbits are technically ellipses, but very close to circular.

Comedy and funny movie is the same?

Yes, in some ways not. They technically mean the same though!

What does traeton mean?

I have looked everywhere for a definition. Since there is no direct Translation, apparently there is technically no meaning.

What does swayed mean?

The definition of the word swayed is technically the wind. For example, the palmtree swayed in the wind.

Are there baboons in Vietnam?

Technically, there are baboons in zoos in Vietnam, but if you mean natively, then yes. There are baboons in Vietnam

What does homo habilis mean in English?

Technically it's already in English, but the definition is handy man.

What does Mozart's Eine kleine Nachtmusik mean?

Directly translated, it does mean "a little night music." However, it technically means "a little serenade"

What does it mean when someone takes something you said out of context?

Technically, it can mean that something is said which doesn't simply match what has already been said.

What do fake mean in spanish?

falso.......which can also mean false. another word similar to fake is de mentiras which technically translates to "of lies".

What is the translation of por que mean in English?

Technically nothing. You either mean one of two things. Por qué = Why or Porque(Oneword)= Because.

Are things dead if the cells inside them are dead?

Technically yes, because that would mean they have no cells to live on.

If a number is a whole number does that mean its opposite is an integer?

technically speaking yes the opposite of 5 is -5