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What does that mean if the guy you like says hi to your guy friend after he sees you talking to him but doesn't do anything if he sees you talking to your girl friend?


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He's jealous because he likes you back or he's that dudes friend 2....

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he doesnt have a girl friend

he doesnt have a grlfrnd

no he doesnt but he is looking

he doesnt have agirl friend he allready got married

it doesnt do anything to them

Im sorry to say but it means while he was with you he just wanted a "friend with benefits". And did not consider you g/f material. Not trying to be mean..

he is probably a little shy when talking to you, which doesn't mean anything bad, it actually probably means he likes you. :)

He Doesnt Have One Hes Single!! =)

Talking to another girl? There shouldn't be any problem with just talking, so there is no need to do anything there. Try talking to your Boyfriend and see what he says about this girl.

You should just start talking to her, be nice, compliment her, flirt a little, become her friend, BUT not too good of a friend so she can't think of you as a love interest (be a little bit of a flirty friend). Then when the time is right, tell her you like her, because chances are she might just like you too.

He doesnt have Girl friend, and he neither had emotions and is till learning them

its pretty much the girl wants to have you near her, but she's too shy to talk to you. or just doesnt want to say anything stupid.or she might just want you to sit there so the smelly kid that is intrested in her doesnt sit there.Sounds like she wants you to do the talking.

If a girl only likes you as a friend then all you have to do is ask her if she likes you, if she doesnt and acts horrible then she isn't worth it anyway.

Although a guy tells his girlfriend that a girl he was talking to is just a friend, some woman do not believe there boyfriend, or are still jealous of the other girl. So some guys will lie about talking to the girl so as not to upset there girlfriend.

nothing, absoultely buggerall let her talk if she starts dissapearing off suspiciously then pull her up about it but as long as shes only talking dont do anything. because if you start screwing at her and it turns out they are only talking she will probably dump ur paranoid ass

the best girl friend for you is someone whu loves you for you and not for your money or for anything dat you got.

No, Louis Dipippa, from the 'Iconic Boyz' doesnt have a girl-friend.

he doesnt have any girl friend ! im sure about it

no he's not he has a girl friend so he doesnt need to find it and if u wanna kno her name i think its Haley

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