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in some point he might like you or he might be also interest in you because he knows that you like him. but if he smiles at you and always stares, yes, he likes you

FIRST, ITS KINA WIERD THAT HE JUST STARES AT EVERYBODY LIKE THAT. Secondly, if he smiles only at you, it means he probably likes you.

He likes you this guy he is crushing on you.

She flirts, stares, smiles...etc

yes yes!! if he stares that means he wants to talk to u lol

Communication is the best solution, and I would suggest to play with your sincerity to find out and you might get it.

Sometimes its hard to tell but if he stares at you and smiles a lot you're getting there =). You can usually tell though.. call it intuition

if he stares at you so much and smiles at you

When a perSon ignOres you buT keEpz on staring at you, i think he's thinking of soMething about you. Like, this gurl is cute but not the one for me, or maybe he just wantz your atTentioN, some guys are more like that, they may iGnore the girl even if they want that girl. .,jo

It sounds as though he is interested in you but may be nervous or shy to talk to you.

If he talks to you alot Flirts with you smiles at you bugs you stares at you

If a girl smiles at you it could mean that she likes you. It could also mean that she is just been friendly.

maybe you did something wrong or she's just jealous

Usally if a boy smiles and stares at you and likes to hang out with you

the same thing happens to me with one of the guys i like:)he smiles at me real cute but he does that to lots of girls

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