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He likes you!!!!!!

EDIT: He likes you . If you do that He would think your shy to talk to him, and he would think that's really cute


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If your guy friend keeps looking at your & he won't stop talking to you & looking you straight in the eyes he wants u.

It could be that he has a crush on you, or he could be just showing concern as a friend if you are looking a bit down.

if a boy keeps looking at your breasts you should either ask why or you should date him or you should smack him.answer smile naughtily and give him a feel

My friend says that Obama invites Beyonce to dinners. Obama keeps on looking at her.

He's more into you than the person he's making out with.

If he talks to you all the time, or really funny, stands up for youThe Biggest one if he keeps looking at you all the time!

that means that he is intrested in you and hugs his girlfriend till he says bye and gets together with you

She keeps looking at you when your not looking.

I means he wants to do you.

is a guy constantly keeps looking at you then he must be doing it for a reason which is most likely that he likes you but is shy to tell you about it

Usually he keeps looking at you OR he might come and join the conversation. Sometimes they even send a friend to join in the conversation with them

dont be there friend no more no other things i could think of sorry

The backwards facing pouch keeps dirt away from the joey when the mother is burrowing.

there are three reasons why he look 1. he thinks ur weird 2. He likes u or 3. U saw sth wrong, he was actually looking at sb else

it means he wants to bang you... guys don't spy for other guys. that's a women's way of thinking

If he keeps looking at your lips or if he keeps licking your lips. If you guys and and he keeps his head in a little longer he wants to make out.

It keeps you from looking bald :D but what's good about my hair? It's long, black silky, smooth, clean and keeps me from looking bald! :D

She's lyiing, she really does like you. If they say they dont and keep looking at you they probably do or you have something very unappealing on your face like a booger. not trying to be offensive its the truth. i am a chic. OR she may be wondering why you are staring at her.

maybe she has no where else to look or she likes you.

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