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tokyo no hit kite was nany no its ten in barou?

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Q: What does that mean when translated from Japanese to English TōKYō no hito no koto wa nani mo itsu tenai n yarou?
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How do you say 'crazy girl' in Japanese?

i dunno what is "girl" in Japanese but,"crazy" in Japanese is "baka/baka yarou"

What does Seifer call Zell in Japanese as opposed to being called Chicken-Wuss in English?

In the Japanese version of Final Fantasy 8 Seifer calls Zell "Chikin Yarou" (チキン野郎) which could loosely be translated as "Chicken-scared", or like in the game, "Chicken-Wuss".

How do you prounounce yarou in Japanese?

yaro-o (second o will give a prolonged sound)

What is meant by bakero in Japanese?

"In the ways I have heard it, it means "Idiot,"same as "baka,"but perhaps with more emphasis making it "big idiot." I'm not Japanese, but I watch a lot of manga, so I just go by context." There are no actual English Translation of the word "Bakero". It is just a bad word with a general meaning depending on how you use it. It could be used as idiot as what he had said, or as some other bad words such as stupid, moron, etc. ---------------------- Actually, it's baka yarou. You must have heard it being said so fast that it sound like bakero... It means stupid... the yarou is actually an impolite way to refer to another person... like "ano yarou" = that bastard (to that effect). Saying Baka yarou is like saying "that stupid bastard"

What is the phrase 'lets make love now' translated from English to Japanese?

If u cant speak Japanese, don't have sex with a Japanese. See related link below and type it in from English to Japanese. ____ There are a few ways. 'H (pronounced ecchi) yarou' is "let's have sex". You can change 'ecchi' to 'sekkusu' (sex), and/or add 'ima' (now) to the beggining. Adding 'yo' to the end of the sentence will make it more casual, if that's what you're going for. Also why do people write anything at all if they're not going to answer? No one cares about your opinion, or your ability to post links to crappy online translators, just your ability to answer the question.

What does 'yarou' mean?

It is the volitional form of the verb "yaru," meaning "to do."

How do you pronounce yarou in Japanese?

In Japanese these are the pronunciations of vowels a- ah e- eh i- ee (long e) o- oh u- ooh (like the oo in moo) you also pronounce r like the t in lettuce. So sort of rolling your tongue, except a little bit more subtle.

I am going to kill you in Spanish?

殺す (korosu) means "to kill". So if you want to say "kill you", you could say 君を殺す (kimi wo korosu).

What does domo mean?

Domo is a fuzzy monster that hatched from an egg. he loves to watch tv and daydream. you can see funny videos of him online. he was also created by some Japanese guy. and domo's real name is domo-kun. Buy his clothes at Hot Topic at Tyrone square mall.