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What does the 2nd button do below the CD player in a 1997 Pontiac Firebird?


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that's what i want to know also.

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There is some aftermarket companies making a bandit and a 1970 look alike. Then there is also this below. Please refer to the related links.

On my '95 Bonneville the trunk release button is on the driver's door below the door handle. Hope this helps.

If you are looking for the 3rd gen they are two blue loops of wire on the harness that is just below the master cylinder on the wheel well.

Be careful on this vehicle. If the arms are standard hood, use the link below in Sources & Related links. If it is a reverse hook, the wiper blades are special.

On my 99 Grand Prix 3.8 it's located below the rear exaust manifold on the engine block.

On the 3.8 V6 it is below the throttle body on the front of the engine. You do not have to drain the radiator, just remove and replace. Then top off the radiator coolant.

Should be in the middle of the inside drivers door below arm rest , next to interior light.

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it is located just below the driverside exaust manfold, in the engine block between the first and second cylinder, looks just like a temp sensor but has a single wire connector going to it,

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The shield button is the Z button on the Nunchuck controller. The Z button is below the C button.

You're speaking of the rear window defogger? The heat wires that are embedded in the glass? My '96 has a little push button on the right side of the HVAC panel. It's below (I think. maybe above) the AC button. It has an orange front.

Threre is a button just a little below the 'shift' button on the gearshift. Pushing this button in will turn off o/d. Threre is a button just a little below the 'shift' button on the gearshift. Pushing this button in will turn off o/d.

when looking at the front of the engine it is below the altinator slightly to the right

Top right and button below at the same time.

It's the first button below the row of numbers-the first button on the second row. It's the first button below the row of numbers. If it doesn't say "tab" it should at least have two arrows pointing in opposite directions on it.

turn radio and CD player off. then you have and up and down button below the clock just press on that until it changes

below the steering wheel

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See sources and related links below to lookup wiper sizes for any Pontiac Grand Am (or G6).

The Menu button is in the upper left hand corner of the remote below the SAT button. There is also a Menu button on most of our receivers. Thanks.

Left 'trip button' is actually the clock set stick just below your speedo the button/stick to the right is the right trip button.

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