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What does the Bible say about Muhammad?


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The Bible does not mention Muhammad, but only mentions prophets and teachers who lived up to the 1st Century CE. It could not have mentioned Muhammad as he was born nearly five hundred years after the last biblical stories were written.

See related link for both Old Testament and New Testament Scriptural claims to Muhammad below:


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A:Some Muslims say yes. Some Christians also say yes, pointing to passages about 'false prophets'. Both views are based on rather dubious grounds. Others simply say the Bible does not prophesy Muhammad.

Christians believe that Muhammad is not mentioned in the Bible.

A:The Bible was written centuries before Muhammad was born, and before the advent of Islam. It never mentions Muhammad, either by name or more indirectly.

The name of Muhammad is not mentioned in the Bible. He did not live until over 500 years after Jesus, so hundreds of years after the Bible was written, which is why there is no mention of him in it.

No,there is no any prophecy concerning the Prophet Muhammad according to the holy bible.

No. Muhammad was never in the Bible, and his name is not recorded there.

No. Mohammed argued that the Bible, while a remnant of the Divine Holy Books sent by God, was replete with errors. Therefore, the Bible should not be believed in, but rather the Qur'an.

AnswerThe name Mohammad or Muhammad does not appear in the Bible. The Bible never mentions the Muslim prophet Muhammad, because it was written long before the advent of Islam.

The Islamic Research Foundation teaches that Muhammad is referred to in the Bible in three scriptures, though Christians do not believe those scriptures refer to Muhammad. To read more, visit the Related Question.

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A:Nowhere in the Bible is Muhammad mentioned, either by name or in any way that he could truly be identified. However, Burton L. Mack (Who Wrote the New Testament) says that there is a trick that seems to come naturally when studying the Bible. One can ask any question of the Bible and get some kind of answer. If the first answer does not appear to be helpful, one can look for another answer to the same question, until the right answer appears.This can be played by both Muslims and Christians for their own purposes. Some Muslims say that the Old Testament contains many references to the coming of Muhammad. Some Christians say that references to the "false prophets" of apostolic times, is really a warning of the coming of Muhammad.A:The name Muhammad is not found in the bible.

No - the Muhammad who founded Islam post-dates all the canonical books of the bible by about 5 centuries. There are no instances of the name Muhammad in the current bible either. There are no prophecies that specifically refer to him - unless someone wants to postulate that he was one of the "false prophets" referred to in the book of Revelations.

The Islamic scriptures, the Koran, frequently speak of Muhammad. However, Muhammad is not mentioned in the Bible, which was written long before the time of Muhammad and its authors could not have known of him.

According to both the Bible and Koran, no.

Islam did not commence until the time of the Prophet Muhammad, in the seventh century CE. The Bible was written much ealier than the time of Muhammad and does not mention Muslims.

Muhammad is not mentioned in the Bible. Christians believe that the Bible is the end of God's revelation to man. Jesus said he is the way the truth and the life and nobody comes to the Father except through Him so Muhammad is irrelevant

Muslims beleave that Muhammad is the the prphet of Allah. Muhammad was the founder of Islam and the writer of the Quran.

Because it goes against the Bible.

Muhammad Ashraf Chheenah has written: 'Hagar' -- subject(s): Criticism, interpretation, Bible

yes it say in the bible to be always charitable in the bible always read your bible and prayers

What did Prophet Muhammad want to accomplish but did not?Nothing. Not a thing.The Bible tells about the coming of the final Messenger of the Covenant - in Duteronomy, Daniel, Habbakuuk, Isaiah, the Gospel of John and many other places. Google the phrase: Muhammad in the Bible for proofs of this.In all these references the Bible speaks of a Final Prophet to come who would be COMPLETELY SUCCESSFUL.May God's peace and blessings be upon our beloved Muhammad.

Despite Islamic claims, Muhammad,specifically, is no where to be found openly in the Bible in a context that suggests he is a prophet of God.

The word "Muhammed", or secondary spelling of "Mohammed", is not found in the King James version of The Bible.

Muhammad and Jesus are not similar. But the the Christan God and Muhammad are similar because Christians and Muslims believe in the same god. Jesus is mentioned in the Bible and the Qumran In the Bible he is the son of God. In the Qumran he is a prophet. So Christians and Muslims believe in the same god. They are similar in that way. Jesus and Muhammed not so much. Christians believe God created the world. Muslims believe the same. The Bible says Jesus is the son of God. The Muslims say he is a prophet. Hope this helps you understand!

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