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Q: What does the Cheyenne Indians believe in?
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What did the cheyenne Indians believe in?

Great Spirit

Did the cheyenne Indians believe in god?


Did Louis and Clark meet the Cheyenne Indians?

I believe so.

Cheyenne Indians culture?

the culture of Cheyenne Indians

Where are the Cheyenne Indians?

They are in cheyenne.

How did Cheyenne Indians make their clothing?

how did cheyenne indians make their clothes

Which state do the cheyenne Indians live in today?

in which state do the cheyenne Indians live in today?

Where did the Cheyenne Indians get their water?

the cheyenne indians got their water from streams,lakes,and rivers.

Did the cheyenne Indians wear feather headresses?

why did the Cheyenne Indians wear feathers in their hair.

What were the Cheyenne tribes accomplishments?

What were the Cheyenne Indians accomplishments

What were the Indians that were the Anasazi's enemies?

The Cheyenne Indians.

How do the Cheyenne Indians prepare their food?

How did the cheyenne indiansprepare their food?

What does the language Cheyenne mean?

my name is cheyenne do that make me a indians

What type of Jewelry did the Cheyenne Indians make?

The Cheyenne Indians made Publo and Plains style jewelry.

Who is the leader of the Cheyenne Indians?

who was the leader of the cheynne Indians

What are facts about Cheyenne Indians?

they were once located in nebraskaThe Cheyenne Indians used to live in the Great Plains region

How did Cheyenne Indians travel from place to place?

the cheyenne traveled by horseback because they followed their food source the buffalo/ the bison. The cheyenne Indians were/ are very nomadic.

What did the Cheyenne Indians invent?

live in it

Did the Cheyenne Indians grow crops?


Where did Cheyenne Indians come from?


What is the environment of the Cheyenne Indians?

the plains

Where does the cheyenne Indians live?


Were the Cheyenne Indians a nomadic group?


What are the Cheyenne Indians daily life?


Did the cheyenne Indians had a tradition?