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What does the Costa Rica flag mean?


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the flag of Costa Rica means white is for peace blue is for the blue sky and red is for the blood the country fought for


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Rica in Costa Rica means "rich". Costa Rica means "Rich Cost".

Because like any other country Costa Rica needs a symbol that indicates their country.So that Costa Rican flag was designed.

Blue, white and red are the colors of the Costa Rican flag.

The Costa Rica Flag was adapted October twenty first , 1964

"Es de Costa Rica" means that whatever is being discussed is from Costa Rica. Literally it means "is of Costa Rica."

'Costa' in Spanish means 'Coast' and 'Rica' means 'Rich' so 'Costa Rica' means 'Rich Coast'

The predominant colors in the flag of Costa Rica are blue, red and white in the form of stripes. However the flag also incorporates the Coat of Arms of Costa Rica and that adds the colors gold, yellow and green.

The symbol of Costa Rica mean's freedom

Costa Rica literally translates as "Rich Coast".

The flag of Costa Rica consists of blue, white and red horizontal bands with the Coat of Arms of Costa Rica in a white elliptical disk near the hoist side of the central, red band

It is Costa Rica's currency.

El significado de los colores de la bandera de Costa Rica.

costa rica. Costa Rica are Spanish words.

Gracias is Thank you in Costa rican.

No, there are no volcanoes named Costa Rica, but there are volcanoes in Costa Rica.

i know alot what exactly do you want to know about Costa Rica because i am from Costa Rica i know alot what exactly do you want to know about Costa Rica because i am from Costa Rica

Costa Rica means Rich Coast in Spanish, because the Spaniards thought there was a wealth of gold when they first landed in Costa Rica.Rich CoastRich coast.

Costa Rican flag has 3 colors, it was inspired directly from the flag of France. The blue color represents the blue sky, the white color represents the peace, and finally, the red color represents the blood of the people who fought for the country.

No, there are no deserts in Costa Rica.

what is the climate in costa rica

Costa Rica is a country.

No. Costa Rica is a country.

no, Costa Rica is not dangerous.

Nicaragua(above Costa Rica), Panama (beneath Costa Rica)

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