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The flag of the Dominican Republic is composed of a central white cross with red and blue rectangles in the corners (red in the upper right and lower left; blue in upper left and lower right). The national coat of arms is in the center of the white cross. The coat of arms pictures a red, white and blue flag-draped shield with a Bible and cross; the shield is surrounded by an olive branch (on the left) and a palm branch (on the right). A blue ribbon above the shield reads, "Dios, Patria, Libertad" (meaning "God, Fatherland, Liberty"). A red ribbon under the shield reads, "Republica Dominicana" (meaning "Dominican Republic"). The ratio of its height to its width is about 2:3.

This flag was officially adopted on November 6, 1844, after the Dominican

hi Republic obtained independence from Haiti.


The blue is said to stand for Liberty, red for the fire and blood of the independence struggle and the white cross is a symbol of sacrifice.


The Dominican Republic flag was officially adopted on November 6, 1844.

The blue and red are from the flag of Haiti, which once controlled the Dominican Republic. The white cross is symbolic of faith.

The centered coat of arms appears on the flag for national and state use only. That coat of arms displays an open bible topped by a gold cross. Above the arms the Trinitarian motto is displayed, Dios, Patria, Libertad. (God, Country, Freedom)

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Q: What does the Dominican Republic flag represent?
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Where was the Dominican Republic flag made?

in the dominican republic

What year was the Dominican Republic flag adopted?

The Dominican Republic Flag was adopted on November 6,1844

Bible in Dominican Republic flag?

yes there is a bible in the dominican republic flag in the middle of the symbol in the middle of the flag riasrocks out!! LOL

What is the animal of the Dominican Republic?

Tell me about dominican republic . For example, what does the symbols represent .

What do the colors on the dominican flag represent?

The Dominican Republic flag is red, white and blue. The white represents salvation and dignity, the red represents fire and blood of the patriots and blue represents the sky.

What is the only national flag that has the bible within its flag?

The flag of the Dominican Republic.

When was the official Dominican Republic flag adopted?

The official flag of the Dominican Republic was first adopted in 1844 for state or civil use. The motto of the flag is a password that was used by Trinitarians.

What is the symbol on the dominican republic flag?

The open bible

What are 3 facts about Dominican Republic?

the dominican flag is the only one to have a bible in it christopher Columbus is buried in dominican republic dominican republic is known for its beaches 1st hospital church and university

What colors does the flag of the Dominican Republic have?

red white blue

What does the seal mean on the Dominican Republic flag?

The seal on the flag is the state coat of arms.

What flag has a picture on the Bible on it?

Then only country who's flag has a picture of the Bible is the Dominican Republic.

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