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The F stands for Ford when you see a truck labeled with F250. It does not specify the engine type or anything like that.

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What is a 1988 Ford F250 timin?

what is the timing set's for a 1988 ford F-250

Will a 460 fit in a 1972 Ford F-250?

I currently have a 1972 Ford F250 with a 460 in it.

How do you fix PO on ford 8 cylinder F 250?

error po 300 on ford f250

Will 95 Ford F-250 rims fit 01 f250?


How do you change a distributor on a 1989 Ford F-250?

how do you change out the distributor assembly on a 1989 ford f250

When will the f 150 ford pu arrive?

The ford f150 has already arrived and has even evolved to an f250 and f350.

Will ford 2008 running borads steps fit on a ford 2005 F250?

No, the Ford 2008 Running Boards will not fit on a Ford F-250.

Where can one find a Ford F-250 for sale?

One could find a Ford F250 for sale at most Ford dealerships. If one is looking for a used Ford F250, one could use the Autotrader magazine or website.

What does the f stand for in f-150?


Is a 1988 ford f 250 truck passenger side window same as 1996 ford f250?

Yes it is. The Ford F-series trucks windows are the same from 1980 to 1996

Will a 1973 Ford F-250 4x4 chassis fit a 1979 f250 4x4?

will a 1973 ford f-2504x4 chassis fit a 1979 f-250 4x4

Will 2001 ford f250 rims fit a 2003 ford f250?

Yes they will. As long as it is an f-250 or greater and the a 150. 99-07 are the same pattern. early 99's are different.

Where is crank sensor on 1996 Ford F-250 5.8?

What position is the crank sensor on a f250 ford pickup

2008 Ford F-250 gas tank size?

I have the Ford F250 4x4 and the tank is 29.6 gallons

What does XLT stand for on a vehicle?

That would be the Ford F-Series pickups (F150, F250 so on and so forth) The XLT was a package that had power windows and locks (conscidered a premium package)

What is trocas f 250 ford rojas o negras?

It is spanish for "truck F250 Ford red or black". It is a model of Ford truck translated into Spanish. It is the Ford F 250 truck. The color is black.

How much HP does a 1997 Ford F-250 have?

a 1997 f250 has 250 hp

2005 F-250 radio removal?

How do I take the radio out of my 1995 ford F250

How do you remove radio from 2006 Ford F-250?

how do you remove the radio from an 06 f250

How many miles per gallon does a ford f250 get?

17 mpg on average for a 2002 Ford F-250 7.3 Litre

Where is the neutral safety switch on a 1984 Ford F-250?

how do you mount a safty switch on the clutch 84 ford f250

How do you find a free factory radio wiring diagram for a 2001 Ford F-150?

The Modified Life staff has taken all its Ford F250 Truck car radio wiring diagrams, Ford F250 Truck car audio

Can you show me a 2004 Ford F250 fuse box diagram?

CAN YOU SHOW ME A 2004 FORD F250 DIAGRAMAnswerCAN YOU SHOW ME A 2004 FORD F250 DIAGRAM -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------You can view the 2004 Ford F-250 owners manual online at :www . motorcraft service . com ( no spaces )Click on Owner Guides( the fuses and relays section starts on page 194 )

Where is the voltage regulator on a 1987 f-250 with a 460?

voltage regulator on 1987 ford f250

Where is the crankshaft sensor on a 6.0L Ford F-250 diesel?

where is a cam sensor on a 2006 ford f250 6.0L diesel engine?