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To live/exist

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It means. "Live today".

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Q: What does the German word leben mean?
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What is the word for living in German?

Leben :-)

German word for life?


What is the german word for life?

It is "leben"

What is the German word for live?


What does Leben Sie Fri mean?

Fri is not a German word. The closest German word is frei meaning free.Leben Sie frei translates as live free but is grammatically incorrect in German.

Translate life is life to German?

leben ist leben

German word for wanting to end your life?

seinem Leben ein Ende machen wollen

What do you call LIFE in German?


How do you say my life in German?

My life in German is mein Leben

Ich hasse mein Leben mean in German?

"I hate my life" translates in to German as "Ich hasse mein Leben"

How do you say to live for in German?

zu leben

What does the word Gittervorsp mean in German?

there is no such word in German