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Q: What does the Greek word mu translate to in English?
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How do you translate 'I miss the game' into Greek?

μου λείπει το παιχνίδι (mu lipi to pehnidi).

What is the Greek word for 'mine'?

δικό μου (diko mu)

My everything from English to greek?

Its τα πάντα μου (ta panta mu).

What is the word 'parrot' when translated from English to japanes?

オウム /ou mu/.

How do you spell honor in greek?

The English transliteration of the Greek term for "honor" is "time" (as in tau + iota + mu + epsilon; note that this is the singular form). The phonetic pronunciation of this term is as follows: "tih-may", with the accent upon the second syllable.

Is mus a greek consonant?

No, "mus" is not a Greek consonant. It is a Latin word meaning "mouse." Greek consonants include letters such as alpha, beta, gamma, delta, and so on.

How do you pronounce MU or μ?

The Greek letter μ is pronounced "mee."Ancient Greek pronunciation: [my:] or "mee"Modern Greek pronunciation: [mi] as in millCommon English pronunciation: [myoo] as in mutationMeasurement pronunciation: "micro-" (example: µm is pronounced "micrometre")When this letter is used in a Greek word, it makes the same sound as the latin "m"

What is the word Samurai when translated from English to Japanese?

侍 /sa mu rai/ is originally a Japanese word. It means 'warrior, samurai' in English.

What is greek for elegant?

it is komfa, like the first part of the word "comfy" letters; kappa, omicron, mu, phi, alpha

What is the meaning of greek word mali mou?

"το μαλλί μου" (to malee mu) or more correct "τα μαλλιά μου" (ta maleea mu) means "my hair" (the hair of my head, specifically).

How do you type the Greek symbol for mu with Microsoft Word?

Insert -> Symbol -> More Symbols..ANS2:Type 03bc then Alt+x.

What is the word Atheism when translated from English to Japanese?

無神論 (mu shin ron) is Japanese for 'atheism'.