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refusing to go to the the ghettosThe GestapoThe Hungarian lieutenant held out the basket

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Q: What does the Hungarian police do in the book night?
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Who were the German Security Police in the book night?

The Gestapo

Why did the Hungarian lieutenant move among the prisoners with a basket in the book Night?

The Hungarian lieutenant held out the basket because the Jews were ordered to put all of their personal items into it.

In the book called night Who were the ss men?

they were the nazi police force!

How did weisle say he felt about the Hungarian police?

cool and sad

What is the movie title 'The Book of Eli' in Hungarian?

Éli könyve is a Hungarian equivalent of the title to the movie 'The Book of Eli'.

How did Wiesel say he felt about the Hungarian police?

Wiesel wrote about feeling betrayal and disillusionment towards the Hungarian police in his memoir "Night." He described how they sided with the Nazis and collaborated in the persecution and deportation of Jews during the Holocaust.

How did the Hungarian police treat the Jews as they told them the time had come?

The Hungarian police was actually two different forces (like the urban and state) who were competing to be the most efficient in the eyes of their German supervisors. As a result they did not stop for niceties.

What did the Hungarian police collect in a basket from the deported Jews?

nothing procedurally, but potentially anything incedentally.

What Robert Muchamore book is Hungarian with a snake on the front cover?

the recruit

What has the author J Csink written?

J. Csink has written: 'A complete practical grammar of the Hungarian language' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Hungarian literature, Hungarian language, History and criticism, Grammar

What are examples of the 4 conflicts in novel night?

In the novel "Night" by Elie Wiesel, examples of conflict include man vs. self (Elie's internal struggle with maintaining his faith in the face of the Holocaust), man vs. society (the Jewish people being oppressed and persecuted by the Nazis), man vs. nature (the harsh conditions and brutality of the concentration camps), and man vs. man (the dehumanizing treatment of prisoners by the SS guards).

What dragon is in the Harry Potter book?

in the first book, it is a norweigin ridge back. in the fourth, there is a Hungarian horn tail.