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What does the Mesosphere do?


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It burns up all of the asteroids that come to earth before they touch earth

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No. there is no ozone in the mesosphere.

The mesosphere is in space it is the 3rd atmosphere.

What is a synonym for the word Mesosphere

No, it does not. There is no snow in mesosphere.

what are some exaples of mesosphere

No. The mesosphere doesn't have ozone.

The heat that mesosphere generates is immense. Mesosphere is a layer in atmospheric region.

The mesosphere is the middle layer. It protects the earth's surface, and the mesosphere is very cold.

the third layer of earths atmosphere

No, it does not. Mesosphere has no ozone in it.

The mesosphere is very hot, it is divide into two upper and lowwer mesosphere, it contains the asthenosphere.

The thickness of the mesosphere is about 5-70 kilometers.

mesosphere contains your moms v*g**a

Mesosphere has three syllables.

The mesosphere is a layer of the atmosphere. As such it is gaseous.

The mesosphere is located in the middle of the atmosphere

Mesosphere contain nitrogen and oxygen.

MesosphereThe Mesosphere is 50 miles tall.Temp almost non existent.Comets, Meteors, Space rocks ( Thing that you can find floating in space) that is what you can find in the Mesosphere.

The mesosphere is a very cold layer of the Earth's atmosphere. Also, shooting stars are seen in the mesosphere. The third layer of the atmosphere, the mesosphere, is a very interesting layer and has many facts.

No. The mesosphere is the third lowest layer. The troposphere is lowest, followed by the stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere, and exosphere.

The mesosphere is about 30 km wide. It appears in between the 50km and 80km sector. Meteor showers occur in the mesosphere. ! :)

Meteors often burn up in the mesosphere

The mesosphere is the layer of the atmosphere where meteoroids burn out at.

The mesosphere is air, the lithosphere is rock.

Mesosphere protects us from the meteors. This is the outermost layer.

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