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The occipitalis muscle pulls the scalp back, and to some extent can wiggle the ears. It creates a look of startle or surprise on the face. It can be involved in headaches by staying tense for too long.

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What muscle pulls the scalp posteriorly?


What muscle allows us to wiggle your ears?


What muscle has its origin at occipital and insertion at galea aponeurotica?


What is the primary action of the Occipitalis muscle?

The primary action is to anchor and retract the galea aponeurotica

Prominent projection at back of skull?

Is called the External Occipital Protuberance and its function is simply an attachment for the occipitalis muscle.

Muscle contracts to move?

Muscle contractions move bones.

How do smooth muscle and involuntary muscle relate?

they relate because they dont move. ivoluntary muscle means that they dont move. the smooth muscle doesnt move at all only the skeletal muscle does.

How do you make a voulontary muscle move?

To move a voluntary muscle, you just want to do it. When you want to walk, the nervous system sends a signal to the brain and the skeletal muscle to move your legs. So you are making your leg move by voluntary muscle, which is skeletal muscle.

How do you move your muscles?

When you want to move a muscle, your brain sends a message out to the muscle you want to move, and the muscle sends a message back to your brain that your moving it and where.

To help you move skeletal muscle if attached to?

To help you move, skeletal muscle is attached to

How do muscle work together to move the bones?

muscle move bones by pushing them,not pulling then

What muscle that move and work without your control?

your heart is the muscle that you cant move yourself

Which muscles form the epicranius?

Frontalis Occipitalis Temporoparietalis Auricularis Anterior Auricularis Superior Auricularis Posterior Occipitalis (Galea Aponeurotica)

What happens when you move your arms but the muscle doesn't move?

You cannot move your arm without using the muscle. Unless you use your other arm to move it. You may not be able to see the muscle move, but it must contract in order for the arm to move.

Do both bones attached to a muscle move?

The bones itself do not move, but it's the muscle that moves it.

What muscle contracts to move a bone?

The skeletal muscle!!(:

Which muscle helps move your shoulders?

Smooth muscle

What is it called when a muscle squeezes to move?

A muscle contraction.

What are the main function of the muscle?

the muscle are to move the bone.

What is a flat wide white fibrous sheet of connective tissue that attatches a flat muscle to a bone or to a deep muscle?

This is called an aponeurosis. These are layers of flat broad tendons. They are found in the abdominal region and the palm of the hand and the plantar surface of the foot. One runs from the frontalis muscle to the occipitalis on the top of the head.

What is the action and position of the frontails?

The position of the frontalis is over the frontal bone or the forehead. This muscle works with the occipitalis which is over the occipital bone in the back of the head. It's action is to elevate the eyebrows.

What sheath connects the frontalis to the occipitalis?


What are the sheath that connects the frontalis to the occipitalis?


What is the meaning of the idiom never move a muscle?

Someone so lazy that they will not even move a muscle to help out.

What is origin and insertion of muscle?

Describe origin and insertion of a muscle: Origin doesn't move Insertion does move