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Windows Virtual PC enables a PC user with a more recent version of Windows, (such as Windows 7), to run an older version of Windows (such as Windows XP). Windows Virtual PC can run right from the desktop and only for specific programs. Virtual PC was designed to eliminate compatibility issues with older software on newer Windows operating systems.

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Q: What does the Windows Virtual PC do?
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Does Windows Virtual PC work on Windows 2000?

Virtual PC 2004 runs on Windows 2000 Professional. Later versions do not.

What exactly does Virtual PC for Windows 7 do?

Virtual Pc for windows is a software that allows you open up programs in windows 7. It helps you do things you were not able to do compared to using windows XP.

How do you run XP software on Windows 7 64bit?

You can use Windows Virtual PC which you can download for free from together with Windows XP (for Virtual PC) also for no charge.

You installed a Windows 2003 server on your PC and now you want to install Windows XP?

There are two ways to do this. Either install a software called Virtual PC and install Windows XP on the Virtual PC which basically means you switch on Windows 2003 and then use the Windows XP under the Virtual PC. I just checked and the good thing is you can install Virtual PC from The other alternative is backup your data and reinstall Windows XP on the server. The thing to note, on virtual PC, there is required licensing. Kind regards, Imtiaz.

What terms can be use to describe the Windows Virtual PC?

VIRTUALIZATION and EMULATIONdescribes theWindows Virtual PC software by Microsoft.

What two terms can be used to describe the Windows Virtual PC?

VIRTUALIZATION and EMULATIONdescribes theWindows Virtual PC software by Microsoft.

What are examples of two applications that can create virtual machines?

VMware and Windows Virtual PC

Can boderlands run on Windows 7?

You can run a virtual machine under WIN7 and run whatever OS you might need to satisfy Borderlands. Start-->All Programs-->Windows Virtual PC-->Windows Virtual PC or Windows XP Mode. I have several versions of Linux running as virtual machines on my install in addition to WINXP.

Everything You Need to Know about Virtual PC?

Windows Virtual PC is the newest Microsoft system for computer users who need a virtual version of the Windows operating system and any accompanying hardware. The latest version of Windows Virtual PC was released the same time as Windows 7 and completely replaces Virtual PC 2007. While most users are very happy with the new virtualization program, it is important to note that the software is not without its critics. Here is all of the basic information that users need to consider before upgrading to Windows Virtual PC. Virtual PC Features One of the most popular new features for Windows Virtual PC is support and redirection for nearly all USB devices, such as digital cameras, smart phones and flash drives. Similarly, this version of Windows Virtual PC offers full support of flash cards, including seamless redirection of data to a host computer. If you are operating multiple virtual machines at one time, the latest Windows Virtual PC allows you to manage every single virtual machine from just one Internet Explorer folder. Virtual PC System Requirements Windows Virtual PC is not designed to work on most computers that were made more than five years ago. This is because Windows Virtual PC requires a processor that is runs at least 1 GHZ, as well as 2 GB of memory or more. It is also recommended that a user has at least 2 GB of hard disk space in order to run optimally. There are also specific processors available that Microsoft recommends that have Hardware Assisted Virtualization Technology like Intel-VT that can be helpful when running Windows Virtual PC, but most users report that this really is not necessary for common applications. Missing Features of Virtual PC There are definitely a few features that some users of Windows Virtual PC will miss. For example, Virtual PC no longer supports anachronistic inputs like floppy disks or parallel ports. This may not affect users who are using Virtual PC for modern business applications, but there are still many home hobbyists that definitely miss these features. Windows Virtual PC also does not allow users to access any shared folders on different virtual machines on DOS, which some users have found fairly frustrating.

How do you start Windows Virtual PC Mode in Windows 7?

You will need to download it from and navigate to the download menu. Some computer's hardware cannot support virtual pc. --- it is availble to install from the add remove windows components object

Is there a virtual machine program that will allow you to run windows xp in a window on your windows 7 PC and use your actual hardware?

No. That's what "virtual" means.

Where in Victoria can one purchase Windows Virtual PC?

Amazon's website is one website someone in Victoria could visit in order to purchase a Windows Virtual PC disk. Microsoft's website is another website.