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What does the antarctic fur seal eat?


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They eat penguins,fish and Krill.

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Leopard Seals eat the Antarctic Fur Seals pups.

Antarctic fur seal was created in 1875.

The Antarctic fur seal IS endangered and its up to us to stop it

Antarctic fur seals typically feed on krill, squid and fish.

All seal babies are called pups.

The average lifespan of an Antarctic fur seal is between 12 to 30 years in the wild, with the average being around 20. Females generally live several years longer than males.

There is a Leopard Seal, Harp Seal, Gray Seal, Harbor Seal, Northern Elephant Seal, Southern Elephant Seal, Weddell Seal, Hawaiian Monk Seal, Mediterranean Monk Seal, Antarctic Fur Seal, Galapagos Fur Seal and Northern Fur Seal. And if you want to know what is the biggest seal in the world, then it's the Southern Elephant Seal!

they eat penguin fish krill

Yes. There are a handful of seal species in Antarctic waters, from your standard fur seal to the aggressive leopard seals.

do they WHAT?! I sure hope not D:

some antarctic seals eat squid but the crabeater seal does not

fishes, sqwid and krill

Antarctic fur seal, A. gazellaGuadalupe fur seal, A. townsendiJuan Fernández fur seal, A. philippiiGalápagos fur seal, A. galapagoensisBrown fur seal (or Cape fur seal), A. pusillusNew Zealand fur seal, A. forsteri (validity questionable - see below)Subantarctic fur seal, A. tropicalisSouth American fur seal, A. australisNorthern fur seal (Callorhinus ursinus)Steller's sea lion, E. jubatusAustralian sea lion, N. cinereaSouth American sea lion, O. flavescensNew Zealand sea lion or Hooker's sea lion, P. hookeriCalifornia sea lion, Z. californianusGalapagos sea lion, Z. wollebaeki

A Hudson Seal fur is a muskrat fur dyed to imitate seal fur. The name Hudson Seal Fur was patented in 1907.

A fur seal is a carnivore.

What are the special features about antarctic fur seals ?

a seal that lives in the Antarctic

they eat fish including cod and Antarctic silver fish they also feed on crab and octopus

Antarctic fur seals are preyed on by orcas (killer whales) and leopard seals.

Seals Manley eat Meat. so that would be penguins and other small animals

The Weddell Seal, Leopard Seal, and Orca are the main predators of the Antarctic Cod.

It eats fish, krill and other sea animals.

eats squid,fishand others oh yeah;)

Subantarctic fur seal was created in 1872.

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