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I am Native American. My tribes are Ottowa and Ojebue. I can tell you that to my tribes, the crow symbolizes nothing. We do use the feathers for crafts, costumes, and fans. The crow is like any other common bird. To another tribe however, the Crow may be a "Totem" or "worshiped being". I do know that in some cultures the crow either "eats" the soul of a dead being or is a warning of something deadly about to happen. I wish you luck on your search for the crow. Signed Highstar

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What does the crow symbolize to native Americans?

The Crow is a messenger of the Creator and travels between this world and the hereafter. He can pass information to humans and sometime fortell the future.

What does a black bird symbolize in Romania?

A black bird (the crow) is the symbol for a Gypsy.

What Native Americans tribes came to Texas?

apache, crow,

What language did the Crow use?

The native Americans called Crow in English, Apsáalookein their own language, spoke, and still speak, the language called Crow.

Did the native Americans participate in any forms of discrimination?

All people will discriminate. Native Americans started with their different tribes in the area. Crow vs Sioux etc.

What does the crow symbolize?

the crow symbolizes death and bad luck

What was the aim of Jim Crow laws?

Keep white and black Americans apart

What does a Crow coming to you symbolize?


What native Americans wore shirts made of animal hide bead sand wool?

Crow children

What animals were honoured most by native Americans?

The three most popular for Western Native Indians is the Bear, Wolf and Eagle. Another that is important is the crow.

What does the crow symbolize universally?

It symbolizes death

What is the symbolism for a black feather?

Black feathers typically come from either crows or ravens. If a person finds a crow feather, it is said to symbolize balance, abilities, and skills. If a person finds a raven feather, it is said to symbolize knowledge and understanding.

Why are Jim Crow Laws called Jim Crow laws?

This name Jim Crow was given to a stereotypical "black man" (Negro), from the black color of crows. The Jim Crow laws were those that disenfranchised or subjugated African-Americans during the period of legal racial segregation in the South (roughly 1870s to 1960s).

What kind of messages does a crow carry in the native American culture?

That would totally depend upon the tribe. The crow is just a pretty black bird to many tribes with really great black feathers. Still to other tribes the crow represents evil. To other Indian tribes the crow is the messenger of death.

What is meant by Jim Crow laws?

they were segregation laws. It mandated separate but equal status for black Americans

What did Jim Crow laws establish?

They were established by white supremacists to scare the black americans and establish their superiority over them.

What is a crow moon?

A Crow Moon is nothing more than a full Moon that appears in March. For native Americans, the cawing of the crows signified the end of Winter. Also known as the Full Worm Moon.

How did Jim Crow die?

Jim Crow was not an actual person. It was the system in the southern United States that kept African Americans from being fully invested as American citizens. Jim Crow was a derisive term for a black man.

What does it mean to dream about a black crow attacking you?

it means you are awesome To dream of a crow means you have no fear, you are adventuress, it also means you have to get away from bad friends who only enjoy watching you in pain. It could also mean that you are leaving an old life for a better one. A black crow symbolize the dark side of your life who wants to remind you how dark it was.

Which month's full moon is called the crow moon by native Americans?

March. In Celtic tradition it is called Chaste Moon and Moon of Winds.

When was Black Crow Records created?

Black Crow Records was created in 1981.

What does the crow symbolize for Apollo?

cause it is...... please i don't know losers!

Is Sheryl Crow native American?


Why was the Jim crow laws important?

They were important because it proivited african americans to vote...... They were anti black laws tht prevented african americans to participate in society

Is a crow the same colour as a raven?

Yes they are both black. Crow+Raven=BLACK

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