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World Champion Stripes

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Q: What does the blue red black yellow and green stripe on a bike represent?
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What are the coloured belts in Tae Kwon Do?

In WTF the belt system is as follows: White, white with yellow stripe, yellow, yellow with green stripe, green, green with blue stripe, blue, blue with red stripe, red, red with black stripe, black. There are 10 levels of black belt.

How many ranks does Tae Kwon Do has?

It depends where you take it. My school it goes White Yellow Stripe Yellow Orange Stripe Orange Green Stripe Green Blue Stripe Blue Red Stripe Red Black Stripe White Stripe Black

What does green belt with black stripe mean in tae kwon do?

The stripe was most likely a decoration or something else. In tae kwon do there can be a green belt with a blue stripe but not a black one. the belts go. White, white-yellow, yellow, yellow-green, green, green-blue, blue, blue-red, red, red-black, Black, there are 10 dans (degree's) of the black belt.

What is the order of belt colors in karate?

its white, red, orange ,yellow, purple, blue, green, green with a black stripe, brown, brown with a black stripe, black, and black with your name in Japanese

What color is the hot wire for the radio on a 1997 ford aerostar?

It should be light green with a yellow stripe, it is hot for the memory. The yellow with black stripe is for ignition.

What are the levels in karate?

white yellow orange purple purple stripe green green stripe brown brown stripe red red stripe cho-Dan BO black these are master Johnsons belts

What does the tanzanian flag look like?

The Tanzanian flag has a black stripe in the middle and the outline is yellow. The colour on the bit next to the black stripe is green and blue.

Does Tanzania's flag have a hexagon?

No. The Tanzanian flag is a black stripe diagonally across it, with two yellow stripes on either side of it. It is green above the stripe and blue below the stripe.

Why are the rings red yellow green black and blue?

they represent the 5 contents

What is Cameroon's national flag?

The national flag of Cameroon is a horizontal green stripe on the left, followed by a red stripe and then a yellow stripe. In the center of the red stripe is a yellow star.

What are the colors of Kung Fu Wushu belts in order from white the lowest to black the highest?

Well, in Kung Fu, there are sashes not belts. They can be in different order depending on the school but it is usually: White White w/ Stripe Yellow Yellow w/ Stripe Orange Orange w/ Stripe Green Green w/ Stripe Purple Purple w/ Stripe Blue Blue w/ Stripe Brown Brown w/ Stripe Red Red w/ Stripe Black Sash - very high skill level

What do the colors in the Jamaician flag represent?

black- hardship faced by the people yellow-the sunshine green- the green grass

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