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Brookies usually have drab olive upper bodies, pale splotches on the sides turning into wormlike squiggles on their backs, and bluish spots with pink centers on their sides that look like eyes.

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Are brook trout nocturnal or diurnal?

Brook trout are diurnal

Where is the best place to look in canada for brook trout?

There are a lot of places in order for one to look in Canada for brook trout. However, it is strongly suggested that one should check out from the Banff National Park.

What do you call a brook trout crossed with a brown trout?

tiger trout

What are facts about the brook trout?

The brook trout is Native to ther eastern US and Canada.

Would a brook trout live in salt water or fresh water?

yes. A brook trout live in freshwater.

What is normal weight of a brook trout?

The typical weight of a brook trout ranges from 11 oz to 7 lbs.

What do baby brook trout eat?

Brook trout eat algae, catisflies, and black flies. I somehow ended up with baby brook trout, too. And if you are fishing, just use worms because you will only catch grown-up trout.:)

Is a brook trout a saltwater fish?

No, a brook is a small stream of fresh water. So the brook trout is a fresh water fish, not a salt water fish.

Do brook trout live in salt water or fresh water?

Brook trout require cold, clean, fresh water.

What family of fish brook trout belong to?

Salmoids..Trout and salmon.

What fish is the Rainbow trout most closely related to?

The Brook Trout.

What are the release dates for Brook Trout Fishing - 1900?

Brook Trout Fishing - 1900 was released on: USA: June 1900

What is the Michigan state fish?

Brook trout

What is Pa's state fish?

Brook trout

What eats a brook trout?

almost everything

What is three trout?

Rainbow, brown, brook.

What does brook trout eat?

They eat people

What color is the brook trout?

black and green

Can you catch brook trout at lake eildon?


What is the state fish of PA?


Is the brook trout native to Pennsylvania?


What is an adjective for brook trout?

tasty, wily

Is a brook trout a carnivore?

Yes, a Brook Trout is a carnivore. Their diet consists of aquatic insects, insect larvae, worms, frogs, and other fishes.

What eats brook trout?

Brookies are preyed on by humans,birds like eagles,ospreys and herons. The young are preyed upon by other fish.Raccoons may take a few,if they get them into the shallows.Otters and mink also will take brook trout.Brook trout are the only trout native east of the rockies.

Do the brook trout live in hot or cold water?

Trout are cold water animals.