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I believe it means this. The power was disconnected to your stereo or your battery was dead prior to this code correct? Its asking you for the code to dissarm the anti theft of the radio. E 00 means you havent tried to enter the unlock code yet. Enter a wrong code and it becomes E 01, another E 02 and so on until E 09 at that point the radio locks itself. The way around it is to disconnect power again and start over at E 00 with 9 tries to hit it. Or take the face plate and the vin # to a dealer and theyll give you the correct code.

2007-10-28 16:45:29
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Q: What does the code E-00 mean on the stock CD player of a 99 civic ex?
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What does service code B13 mean on a 2006 Civic?

Oil Change

What does code P0303 on a Honda civic mean?

Trouble code P0303 means:Cylinder 3 misfire detected

What is a diagnostic code P0730 on a 2002 Honda Civic mean?

Trouble code P0730 means:Incorrect gear ratio

What does service code A1 mean on a 2008 Honda Civic?

A 1 Honda Civic 8th Gen. : Oil change + Tire rotation

What does 2002 Honda civic code p0341 mean?

Trouble code P0341 means:Camshaft position circuit range/performance

What does service code 10 mean on a Honda Civic?

A code 10 is a Iat sensor. Intake air tempature sensor.

What does civic participation mean?

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What does code A13 mean on 2006 Honda civic lx?

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What dies the service code B15 mean on a Honda civic 06?

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What does code P0420 catalytic converter mean on 1999 Honda civic?

Trouble code P0420 means: Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 1)

What does troubleshooting code p0847 for a Honda civic 2007 mean?

Trouble code P0847 means:Transmission fluid pressure sensor/switch "B" circuit low

What does service code A1 mean on a 2006 Civic?

Check your owners manual but I believe its a maintenance reminder for your oil to be changed.

What does service code A13 mean on 2007 Honda civic?

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2004 Honda Civic with airbag light on manual code entry was a 9-7 what does this code mean?

9-7 Faulty right front sensor

What does code 15 mean on a 1991 Honda civic?

Code 15 refers to Ignition Output Signal. It indicates there is a problem with the reference voltage being received by the ECU from the igniter.

What does diagnostic code p0135 mean on a 1997 handa civic?

O2 Sensor Heater Circuit (Bank 1 Sensor 1)

What is service code P1456 mean on a 97 Honda civic ex?

Trouble code P1456 means: EVAP Emission Control System Leak Detected (Fuel Tank System)

What does 2002 Honda Civic diagnostic code po1457 mean?

EVAP Emission Control System Leak Detected (Control Canister System)

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