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What does the color emerald represent?


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Sea green, seafoam, olive, olive drab, pea green and grass green

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The color of the Emerald is Green.

Ireland is called emerald isle because of its lush green landscape. Green is the color used to represent Ireland on official country uniforms.

Each emerald represents infinite power this power comes from all living things.

Long life and ferternal happiness

There is the color Pacific Blue. The color was created to represent the color of the Pacific Ocean.

"Emerald", if you mean the color, a synonym would be simply 'green'.

The green color of an emerald is caused by the elements chromium or, less frequently, vanadium. This is a trace element in the emerald and not a necessary component of its chemical structure.

It is a rich emerald green.

Ruby I have heard in the book that her slippers were emerald, that is why there is Emerald City.

The color that Lois should pick as our friendship color.

Emerald is the green variety of the mineral beryl, is the most famous and favored green gemstone. Pure beryl is white; emerald's green color is caused by chromium impurities. The majority of the worlds gem quality Emeralds come from the Muzo area of Colombia.

Trust represents the color blue. =)

The color green is not copyrighted. Not even emerald green.

Emerald green and purple hue are her favorite color.

Her eye color is emerald green!Aphrodite's eyes were green. ;)

i believe that it is emerald, which is green

The color gold can have various symbolic meanings. For example, it can represent wealth and money. It can also represent power.

The resistor color code use to help to identify the resistance of the resistor. There are four color in the resistor that help to identify the resistance of the resistor. The first and second color represent the numerical value of the resistor. The third color represent the multiplier. The four color represent the tolerance.

Do you mean represent? In that case it is supposed to represent peace.

Red, White, and Blue represent freedom.

Usually a pastel like red color.

the color tan mean peaceful, calm

There is no color code for potentiometers as it is variable.

Ireland's state color is Emerald-green. The Irish take the green color from the fairies, which was believed to be what they wore. Leprechauns represent Ireland, so they wear green clothing.the new anser: Because they ADORE pea's! do you like pea's? coz i do.

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