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What does the contra- word mean?

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(This prefix is derived from the Latin word, contra)

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What does the word part contra mean?

against or opposed to

Whatdoes the word part contra mean?

Against or contrasting.

What is e contra?

econtra is a LATIN word which mean against in English

What country does the word contra originate from?

this word "contra" originates from Spain meaning 'against'.

What country does the word contra originate in?

Contra is from Latin meaning 'against'

What is the English translation of the Italian 'contra'?

"Against" is an English equivalent of the Italian word contra.Specifically, the Italian word is a prefix. It therefore is added to the beginning of a word. The pronunciation is "KOHN-trah."

What does contra as a prefix mean?

Contra is the prefix for the meaning against. An example is contradict.

What is a word with the prefix contra?


What is the root word of contradict?


What does the medical term contra mean?

The medical prefix "contra-" means against or opposite.

The root word contra- for contradict is a Latin or Greek words?

Contra- is Latin,in Greek it is anti- .

What is the past tense for the word contra?


What does Contra Todo mean?

against everything

What prefixes mean against?

anti-, contra-

What does the Latin affix contra mean?


What does the suffix Contra mean?

Against; or oppisite of

What does contra on area lakes mean?

the noah weather service sometimes suggest , winds on area lake and they reffer ro contra . so what does that mean?

What is the correct prefix for the word band?

Prabably contra-.

Can the definition of contra be not?

Contra normally means against (from Latin.) Un- is better for using to mean not (uneducated-not educated)

What does que contra mean in spanish?

Literally: what against

What does the latin affix contra mean in controversial?


78 on Achievement Unlocked?

">Just type in the word "contra". :)

Choose the prefix that has the same meaning as this word against?


What does the term contra preferentum mean?

i think it is , against , opposite.

What is the 6 letter root word meaning against or opposite?