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It just means that you have the rights to the story and no one else can claim it as theirs legally.

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Q: What does the copyright mean on wattpad?
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When you use copyright on wattpad while publishing a story does that mean the work is your own?

Yes, it does. Just like any other Copyright.

How to print Wattpad stories?

You can print your Wattpad stories through the independent publisher. They are still your copyright so you can choose another means as well.

What does private use on Wattpad mean?

I believe it means that nobody can see your stories on wattpad (except yourself).

How do you pronounce Wattpad?


What does the little c after copyright mean?

it means copyright it's the symbol for copyright

Ok so my sister wants to download Wattpad. But I know that there are "mature" scenes sometimes (It depends on the book) in Wattpad And I want to know if she can download it. She's 11 years old?

I mean to erase the question mark in the end.

How do you get soft copies of stories from wattpad?

To obtain soft copies of stores from Wattpad one may look to the Wattpad site. There they will find many options such as fantasy to obtain a soft copy of.

What does copyright obtained mean?

"Copyright obtained" is an unnecessarily wordy way of saying the material is protected by copyright.

Does c mean copyright?

copyright symbol is c with circle ©

How can you download wattpad to mobile?

You just have to search up the Wattpad app on the application store, depending on your device. :)

Do you need wi-fi for wattpad?

Yes. The app Wattpad needs WiFi and Data in order to use it.

What does administrative control of copyright mean?

The Copyright Office is said to have administrative control of copyright because it administers the law.