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a mountaintop or a really big rock

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Q: What does the cyclops throw at Odysseus and his men?
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How does Odysseus lose six men in the land of the cyclops?

The Cyclops ate Odysseus' men.

What did the cyclops do to Odysseus' men?

He ate Odysseus's men.

What is the name of the cyclops that Odysseus and men run into?

Polyphemus is the name of the giant cyclops that Odysseus and his men encounter.

What did the cyclops throw at Odysseus ship?

a hilltop

How does Polyphemus meet Odysseus and his men?

Odysseus and his men wait in the cyclops cave, as Odysseus is curious as to who the cyclops is. As Polyphemus brings in his sheep, he spots the men in the cave.

Why did the cyclops imprison Odysseus?

The cyclops Polyphemus imprisons Odysseus and his men because to him, the men are tasty.

Why did Odysseus go to the cyclops polyphemus' cave?

Odysseus was curious about the type of men the Cyclops were.

What gift does the Cyclops promise Odysseus for special wine?

That Cyclops will eat Odysseus last of the men.

How does Odysseus escape?

Odysseus escaped the Cyclops by offering him wine to drink. The Cyclops got drunk and passed out and Odysseus and his men then fled.

Why does the cyclops hold Odysseus and his men captive?

Polyphemus finds Odysseus' men tasty.

Why does Odysseus endanger his men by going to the cave of the cyclops Polyphemus?

Odysseus is curious as to what type of men the cyclops are, and perhaps wishes to receive gifts from the cyclops. He does not realize the danger of the cyclops until it is too late.

Why does the cyclops feast on Odysseus' men?

Odysseus' men are meat, and thus tastier and more nutritious than goats' milk. The cyclops live as men where might makes right, and the cyclops are wild and solitary.