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That light is telling you that your brakes are near worn and to have them serviced.

that light is for the water, add some more water in your contenner that light sould turn it off I have found that there is a very fine line between too full which causes an overflow from the coolant reserviour, and too low which turns on the light. An annoying feature on the LS. vbdenny

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โˆ™ 2007-09-05 15:00:49
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Q: What does the dashboard light of a circle with three short lines on left side and three short lines on the right side mean in a 1996 Lexus LS400?
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How many gallons of fuel does a Lexus Ls400 hold?

The fuel capacity for a Lexus LS400 is 22.5-gallons. The low fuel light comes on when there are around 2-gallons of fuel left in the tank. The Lexus LS400 gets around 24-mpg on the open highway.

What does the warning exclamation mark next to the parking brake light mean on the dashboard of the Lexus LS400?

From what I know (doing my own troubleshooting). It means you need to take it in to get your brake pads replaced.

What are the warning light symbols on a Lexus 350 dashboard?

Warning light symbols on the dashboard of a vehicle warn of problems to the driver. For example, the warning light symbol of an exclamation on a Lexus 350 dashboard means the tire pressure is low.

Why is the TRAC light on my 91 ls400 Lexus lit up?

If your engin light also is on, you need new oxigen sensors!

1993 Lexus ls400 lack of power check engine light on affects ac and tranni?

Looking for Lexus ES300 engine 1993

What does the dashboard light with exclamation point inside mean on a Lexus?

Its the parking brake light.

Dashboard lights on Lexus ES300?

There are quite a number of dashboard lights on Lexus ES300. The common ones include handbrake light, check engine, temperature, check oil, battery light and so many others.

Jetta dashboard warning light circle with box above?

On the Jetta, the dashboard warning light with a circle and a box above it is indicating that there is a problem with the battery. This light also indicates a burned out bulb in the headlamps, taillights, or blinkers.

Electrical engine light came on and had loss of power what does this mean on a 1994 Lexus ls400?

You need to have someone pull the codes to further diagnos

Lexus ls400 ac not cold after charging'?

The next thing you can try is to add dye to the system. You can use a UV light to see where the leak is coming from.

Dashboard light symbols for 2005 trailblazer?

person with seatbelt and a circle in front That is the airbag system warning light.

Got water on my motor for 1994 Lexus ls400 now engine check light goes on and stalls out?

Have it checked for codes. With out knowing the codes, you won't know what to diagnose.

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