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It varies depending on the severity. if the damage isn't too bad, it could be piston rings, valve seals, pcv valve, and valve covers. in the worst case it could be a whole engine block, cylinder heads, cams, oil pump, oil pump pickup, valve covers, and pcv valve. generally ive been replacing the block, valve seals, valve covers, pcv valve, and oil pump.

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Q: What does the dealer actually repair and what parts are replaced when correcting an oil gel problem on a 2000 Toyota Sienna XLE?
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Why does 2005 Toyota sienna squeal when initially turning ac on?

The AC belts are probably stretched and loose. I had the same problem and replaced belts and cured squeak.

What do I do about a 2004 Toyota Sienna with radio troubles Actually this is the second 2004 Sienna with the same radio problem Would Toyota take care of this even though the car is out of warranty?

NO there is a 3yr 36,000 mile warranty on it.

Toyota Sienna Won't Start?

There could be several reasons why a Toyota Sienna will not start. the most common problem would be a dead battery.

When should you replace timing belt on 2002 sienna?

It should be replaced every 90,000 miles.

Does the 2004 Toyota Sienna timing belt have interference problem with the valves?


How much does a Toyota Sienna bumper cost?

Just had the rear bumper replaced. Part cost about $210

202 Toyota Sienna check engine comes on when driving?

Usually a problem in the emission control system-have vehicle scanned to determine the problem

How do you reset your 2006 Toyota Sienna air bag light?

Our 2006 Toyota Sienna air bag light was blinking, so we took it to the dealer and discovered that when this light is "ON", the air bag system is deactivated and the air bags will not deploy during a collision. We also discovered that other Sienna vans had the same problem as ours, and that Toyota's repair proceedure requires install of a new air bag. Our van has been at the dealership now for over a month waiting on the new air bag, as Toyota has not been able to find us one !!! I suspect that there may be a "recall" of these 2006 Sienna vans due to the liability of someone getting involved in a "wrongful-death" collison when the van's air bags do not deploy. If your van is still under warranty, I would suggest contacting Toyota for a new air bag. Doug Hainer, Sienna Owner Our 2006 Toyota Sienna air bag light has been replaced now three times. The dealer keeps telling us that it is a problem in the wiring. Every time they replace the connectors and air bag the system works flawlessly for about 3 months. The most recent fix occurred 2 weeks ago and this time they replaced the entire wiring harness!!! I also suspect that Toyota will be recalling the 2006 Sienna's because of this problem. Doug Tyree, So. Cal Sienna Owner

Where do you refill the rear wiper fluid on a 2001 Toyota Sienna?

My 2003 Sienna has one tank that is for the front and rear window. You might have a problem with your pump or something else. Does your front wiper work?

When replace timing belt 2005 sienna?

As for the maintenance schedule the timing belt must be replaced every 90 K miles.

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How do you erase abs on sienna 2000 model?

The abs light is on because there is a problem with the abs system. Until the problem is fixed the light will remain on. After the problem is fixed the light will reset itself after a short drive.

How do you replace outside sliding door handle on driver's side in 1998 Sienna?

It is real simple, I had never done it until I replaced it on my friends 1998 Sienna LE. Need to remove the sliding door panel and you'll be able to see exactly what it takes to to.

How do you replace the fuel filter located on a 2002 Toyota Sienna?

I believe on my 2002 Sienna the fuel filter is located inside the gas tank, and normal replacement cycle is a very, very long time. It is not intended to be replaced on any sort of short schedule.

What causes a 2002 Toyota Sienna to start but not stay running?

twice Toyota replaced the idling valve assembly in my 2001 sienna van, under the 36,000 mi warranty, since then I've had it replaced another 2 times. the mechanics say it's a defect in camryand sienna vans. so my last mechanic advised me to use better brand gas like chevron, which i guess helps coz i used to put any type from arco, vons, Costco, generic types. when the idling assy is replaced, it starts and idles fine, assy alone costs about $220-260+

How do i fix the front door on my Toyota Sienna?

In my 2004 Sienna there was a weld in the door assembly that broke and caused a loud clunking noise when I opened the door. Toyota recently issued a recall for this problem and will fix it free of charge

Anti-theft system in 2004 Toyota Sienna keeps going off Parking brake lights flash and door locks cycle what is the problem?

anti-theft system in 2004 toyota sienna keep going of

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If it seems as though you cannot get the tank to fill completely on an 01 Sienna, it is likely that your gas gauge is not working properly. You are probably actually getting the tank full of gas.

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